Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Today is one of those days I, and maybe we ( my family, cousin and her daughter ) can consider significant.  It was OUR FIRST TIME to experience the hubbub and frolic of HALLOWEEN TRICK OR TREATING.

We registered our niece yesterday at SM.  We got to pay PhP 35.00 and was given an SM recyclable bag to contain the goodies.

And so the day came, our baby Arab ( as I am fond of calling her this way ) was not physically prepared.  She had been sick the past few days.  But her excitement was soaring.  We didn't dress her up with a specific costume, we just put on red lipstick to look like blood under her eyes and on the side of her lips up to the chin.

Here's what  has transpired today:

 Look at Arab, I think she's afraid.  Her smiles are half-baked.

cute kids in costumes too...

ZOMBIES came to life... PLANTS, where are you now?

Fashion Window Displays ( at Parkmall )do halloween too.
They even had a contest for the best Halloween Window Display. 
( I guess this window did not make it)

and yeah, this is me, doing my thing

Happy Halloween!

Fit in the Room - II

One Wednesday after-work, I had ample time to stroll around Ayala Center. Why?  I have to wait for my dad and sister to fetch me by 9:00pm, it was only 6:00pm when I stepped on the mall.

After having dinner, alone, I decided to go boutique hopping to my favorite fashion destinations at the mall.

First stop:


Here's what I fitted

...pretty dress but quite too small for me

Worn this outfit to work.  I find this look stylish but still has that "i-am-a-working-girl" vibes.  Gray on gray and blues and laces in between.

This camisole can actually be worn as a dress, it has tierred laces and it has a stretchable fabric.  What is amazing with this item is that it costs only Php 80.00.  

Guess bag gifted by my mom.  I really love the brand.  Just can't get enough of it.

What A Girl Wants (WAGW) fitted pants with garterized waist in pin stripes.

My favorite neckpiece with "D" pendant.

Matthews wedge.  The neutral colors are perfectly combined, the textures are a plus.

Then next stop, 

People R People

Here's the romper I attempted to fit, but dared not too since it looked quite complicated to wear so I proceeded to my vanity shoot, lol.

This is made of satin, I like the patterns and the colors, it's a cute romper.

wearing: gray blazer - thrifted; camisole - G. Fiesta; stretch pants - WAGW; wedges - Matthews; bag - Guess; necklace - Shanghai, China find

More of these to come.

New Trinkets

New addition to my collection of rings and functional accessories

I"m a big fan of Angry Birds

all bought at Aizilym

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hats via Monte Carlo

Have you watched the film, Monte Carlo?

It was just quite a so-so mainstream film. 

Well this post is not about the movie.  

Something caught me up while the scenes progressed... the Hats!  
Though only 3 were featured but it still made me grin end-to-end.

( 1st Hat )
Millinery or Fascinator hat

Millinery hats - originating in Milan, are embellished, sometimes eccentric hats that have been a mark of class and high society since their inception. These type of hats are worn for special occasions and often times as "church hats".  These elaborately designed hats are the perfect headwear pieces to top any formal fashion statement. 

 Fascinator hats do fascinate me!  They are so timeless and elegant.  Wish to own one like this.

( 2nd Hat)
 Another fascinator hat.

( 3rd Hat)
A bowler hat.

Apologizing for the grainy photos.  Took shots while actually watching the movie.

Watch this film to have a better look at these hats.

Good night everyone!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fashion Experiment - Dress on Dress

Bid goodbye to a dress that was not "officially" worn.  Officially, since I bought this at a bazaar, I've not worn this to church nor to any of my shopping trips, but just this once ( photo shoot purposes), before I hand this to - i really don't know who -.

I know... my take on this dress is quite unflattering, either because I did have gained weight, love handles now protrude or because I layered this pink dress over my rust dress which makes me look more shabby.

Anyway, just experimenting again and since it's been said:
Fashion is anything but uncomfortable - unconventional, so I had to take a plunge.

wearing: rust dress - thrifted / altered; pink stretch halter dress - 138; wedge - Matthews; wooden necklace - G. Main

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fashion Experiment - 1 Look, 3 Shoes

I feel quite lazy to think of words for this post.  Anyway, here's another f-experiment.  Trying on 3 pairs of footwear to perfectly coordinate with the colors of my outfit.

wearing: floral fitted top - G. Fiesta; blue pencil skirt - SM; fuchsia belt - Y.R.Y.S.; sunglasses - XXI Forever, Bangkok, Thailand

Which one do you think looks good, better ,best? :-)

step-in from G. Metro

heeled Mary Jane from Celine

peep-toe flats from Mags

More fashion experiments to come.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fashion Owling

This is definitely not 'bout "OWLing" (the internet meme for the practice of crouching like an owl in unusual places).  This post is dedicated to the solitary and nocturnal member of the class Aves, the OWL

I'm giving a new delineation to the word owling now (unofficial):

OWLING according to 27chic
" the practice of wearing "owls" in an outfit, may it be prints in apparel or owl-shaped accessories"

 We went to the malls this morning in search for the perfect sofa bed for my sister.  So I joined my dad and sister in their search, wearing this outfit.  

I like the rich colors of my top and pants.  This outfit is really comfortable, leaves that easy-breezy feel since my wide-legged pants is sheer chiffon and my top is cotton.

Part of my outfit plan for the day was to wear all my OWL accessories.  Really can't come up with reasons why, just feel like doing it though.

 Got this OWL bag from a souvenir boutique at Indra shopping bazaar in Bangkok, Thailand.

 OWL earrings and OWL ring from Aizlym and OWL necklace from XXI Forever - Bangkok, Thailand.

vintage padded floral top - i dress up, the shop; sheer polka dot wide-legged drawstring pants - thrifted Lauren by Ralph Lauren; red flats - Shanghai,China find; owl bag - Bangkok, Thailand find; owl necklace - XXI Forever - Bangkok Thailand; owl ring & earring - Aizlym; black watch - Nike, yellow floral belt - Y.R.Y.S

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fashion Frame II

Here's what's trending in my fashionable brain.

I call it 
The Western Vibes

pics via threadsence, causeway mall, modcloth

Monday, October 24, 2011

Baby's Day Out

Another weekend of October, and another baby's day-out Sunday.  My niece is quite regularly spending her weekends with us.  And we love it, though.  Went off to Ayala and had some fun moments with our baby.
She insisted us to take pictures of her, and in exchanged of our efforts, she demanded me to pose and she acted as my photographer again.  

Here are the photos that she took...see, how awkward my poses are. :-(

Say hello, hi, to my cutie photographer.  She's such a little star in the making.  She oozes with wits and confidence and she's just 3.

This baby needs to practice her smiles. tsk tsk tsk

wearing: printed pants - thrifted Moschino; red camisole - random; black cropped top with gold buttons - thrifted; PVC peep-toes - MSE; black sling bag - Fila; necklace with "D" pendant - Shanghai, China find;  black watch - Nike

It was a feast to my eyes, seeing this hat display by Rustans.

Do you have a favorite niece?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Movie Mania - Movies for the Heart

I highly recommend these movies.  
Both movies make your heart skip a beat.  
Makes you feel in love over and over and over... oh, just see what LOVE can do.

Twenty years, Two people,
Starring: Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess

I honestly have not seen this yet but I am reading an e-book version of this film.

Starring Mario Maurer and Fern Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul

I watched this twice or thrice and all I can remember was that I was most of the time smiling and a bit (slightest) of sadness hit me then.  But in the end, always a Cinderella ending... happily ever after.

 the transformation

Please don't fail to watch these films.

images via yahoo