Monday, October 31, 2011

Fit in the Room - II

One Wednesday after-work, I had ample time to stroll around Ayala Center. Why?  I have to wait for my dad and sister to fetch me by 9:00pm, it was only 6:00pm when I stepped on the mall.

After having dinner, alone, I decided to go boutique hopping to my favorite fashion destinations at the mall.

First stop:


Here's what I fitted

...pretty dress but quite too small for me

Worn this outfit to work.  I find this look stylish but still has that "i-am-a-working-girl" vibes.  Gray on gray and blues and laces in between.

This camisole can actually be worn as a dress, it has tierred laces and it has a stretchable fabric.  What is amazing with this item is that it costs only Php 80.00.  

Guess bag gifted by my mom.  I really love the brand.  Just can't get enough of it.

What A Girl Wants (WAGW) fitted pants with garterized waist in pin stripes.

My favorite neckpiece with "D" pendant.

Matthews wedge.  The neutral colors are perfectly combined, the textures are a plus.

Then next stop, 

People R People

Here's the romper I attempted to fit, but dared not too since it looked quite complicated to wear so I proceeded to my vanity shoot, lol.

This is made of satin, I like the patterns and the colors, it's a cute romper.

wearing: gray blazer - thrifted; camisole - G. Fiesta; stretch pants - WAGW; wedges - Matthews; bag - Guess; necklace - Shanghai, China find

More of these to come.

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