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Fashion 101: Fluted Hem vs. Peplum Hem

I am lately (for the last 6 months) buying  and still eyeing on dresses and skirts with FLUTED HEMlines and PEPLUM Hemlines.

The question is: 
What is the difference between a FLUTED hem versus a PEPLUM hem? But is there really a dissimilarity between the two?

It’s an extremely feminine silhouette that resembles the  traje de flamenca - only a pared down version. It’s like a pencil skirt with a flounced hem.

Not to be confused with similar fishtail styles or peplums, the figure-flattering fluted skirt is slim along the waist and hips, with a flared, ruffled hem hitting anywhere from mid-thigh to right above the knee. More info and photos about it HERE and HERE.

Wayback 2012, one of the fashion trends of the year is the fluted hem.  See photo below which I got from the 


And in the year 2013, the trend is still alive and continue to make fashion waves in the runway and in the streets.

In 2014, made an article with this title: Are You Ready to Try the PEPLUM HEM Trend? 

the Peplum hem skirt in mini and midi length

the Peplum hem dress
(Photos courtesy of &

So, what is this PEPLUM HEM? 
For a start, let's review on the word peplum. By definition, it is a short full flounce extension, overskirt or ruffle, a  flares, gathered, or pleated strip of fabric that is attached at the waistline of a jacket, blouse or dress covering the hips to create a hanging frill or flounce.
Since this trend puts emphasis also on the word hem, meaning, the edge of a dress or a skirt is attached with a flared fabric that flounce and bounces with movement. 

*** In answer to the original questions:
1.) In the strict sense, as delineated by a website, the fluted hem should not be confused with fishtail styles or peplums.  The fluted hem is applicable to a dress or skirt whose bodice is figure-flattering and slim along the waist and hips.  Whereas, the peplum hem, though it was written by another website that it is applicable to those dresses or skirts with bodice that are hour-glass fitted; but by definition of the word peplum, it does not necessarily emphasizes that the peplum fabric be attached to a very fitted portion and its attachment is not isolated to dress and skirt but also on other types of upper garment.  See the photos below to see the actual disparity of the two types of hem.

The FLUTED HEM dress is body-hugging from chest to lower hips and can even reach the thigh  and flounces on the hemlines. (photo courtesy of

The PEPLUM HEM dress is loose on the bodice and flared on the hemline.

2.) Technically, there is indeed a distinction between FLUTED and PEPLUM hem.  Though, others may insist that these two are closely associated, I will still adhere to my own understanding and analysis of the definitions of each which I have gathered from the world wide web.


Anyway, as I have mentioned at the beginning of this post, I have somehow drowned myself into this style of hemline.  I am not in trend, since it is not also in trend now.  However, you can still see this style of cut anywhere where clothes are being sold.  

  This is how I style last years' trend.

I am not a trendy person. I buy and wear anything that fits into my style mantra and fashion advocacy.  I do sometimes have this skill? ( or I really don't have the right word to coin it) to forecast fashion trends.  Basically I am not into trends since I do not update myself about it.  I buy clothes on sale racks, meaning they're out-of-trend.  I also shop at thrift stores so it means again, out-of-trend.

 Is my dress of a  FLUTED HEM or PEPLUM HEM?

Answer to above question: My peplum hem dress is bought from one of my preferred thrift stores here in the city.  I like this dress since it can be worn 2 ways: as a dress and as a long shirt-blouse where I can wear my pants underneath.

If you have been following this blog, this dress may look familiar with your sight as this is the exact dress and styling that I put up in my i Travel - OH! CARMEN post.

What I Wore:
peplum hem dress - Palacio de Fashion
bag - Louis Vuitton (gifted by my aunt)
platforms - bought in Hong Kong
sunglasses - SM City Department Store - Kids (Cebu)
silver bracelets - gifted by mom
earrings - G. Metro Ayala

Hope to have shared a useful fashion information tonight! Have a good night to all.

Live in style, everyday!

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