Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Historical Saturday in Cebu City

It's a fun Saturday with my sister, my sister's friend, my cousin and my niece.  We got soaked under the sun's heat, ran around and played on the grounds of Plaza Independencia and roamed around the relics of Fort San Pedro, both historical tourist attractions found at Queen City of the South, Cebu City.

Plaza Independencia is one of Cebu’s historical remains from the Spanish Era. As part of Philippine history, it witnessed several events of the country’s oldest city and one of the most visited spot for tourists, both foreign and local visitors. 
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This plaza is situated in M.J. Cuenco Avenue and Legaspi Extension and is part of Barangay San Roque Cebu City. 

Inside Fort San Pedro:

 Say HELLO to my favorite niece.

wearing: red dress - G. Fiesta / striped tee - G. Fiesta / oversized striped vest - thrifted-revamped / scarf - thrifted / lime shoes - Hammerhead / sunglasses - SM Naga City / black sling bag - Fila /wooden bead bracelet - from Bohol 

Have you been to these historical tourist attractions in Cebu City?

How to get there:
You can ride a taxi cab from any point of the City or you can ride jeepneys with the number 02B, 12i, 12J and 12G. P8.00 minimum fare.   

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Travel Cebu and Live in style, everyday!

Fit in the Room IV

Another mirror images from my fitting rooms photo shoots.

wearing:  yellow scarf top - thrifted / aqua stretch shorts - OshKosh B'Gosh / wedge - Matthews / orange patent leather bag - Bangkok, Thailand find / gold heart necklace - Forever 21 / necklace with D pendant - Shanghai, China find

Monday, November 28, 2011

Saint Vincent Ferrer

Since the day I was born to this Earth, Saint Vincent Ferrer has been my patron saint.  He has been a protector to me and my family.  Please read on to know more about him.

via the Wikipedia

Saint Vincent Ferrer (ValencianSant Vicent FerrerIPA: [ˈsam viˈsɛm feˈreɾ]) (23 January 1350 – 5 April 1419) was a Valencian Dominican missionary and logician.

Vincent was the fourth child of the Anglo-Scottish nobleman William Stewart Ferrer (descended from the English Ferrer family and the Stewarts of Scotland) [1] and his Spanish wife, Constantia Miguel.[2][3] Legends surround his birth. It was said that his father was told in a dream by a Dominican friar that his son would be famous throughout the world. His mother is said never to have experienced pain when she gave birth to him. He would fast on Wednesdays and Fridays and he loved the Passion of Christ very much. He would help the poor and distribute many alms to them. Vincent decided to join the Dominicans when his father gave him a choice whether to enter into secular, ecclesiastical, or a religious state.
Ferrer entered the Dominican Order at the age of eighteen and studied philosophy and theology. He prayed and practiced penance. For a period of three years, he read solely Sacred Scripture, and eventually committed it to memory. He published a treatise on Dialectic Suppositions after his solemn profession. He eventually became a Master of Sacred Theology and was commissioned to deliver lectures on philosophy. He was then sent to Barcelona and eventually to the University of Lleida, where he earned his doctorate in theology.
Vincent later claimed that the Great Schism had such a depressing effect on his mind that it caused him to be seriously ill at the age of forty. He claimed that God healed him and instructed him to go out and convert many. For twenty-one years he was said to have traveled to England,ScotlandIrelandAragonCastileFranceSwitzerland, and Italy, preaching the Gospel and converting many. Many biographers believe that he could speak only Catalan, but was endowed with the gift of tongues.
Vincent died on 5 April 1419 at Vannes in Brittany, and was buried in Vannes Cathedral. He was canonized by Pope Calixtus III on 3 June 1455. His feast day is celebrated on 5 April. The Fraternity of Saint Vincent Ferrer, a Pontifical religious institute, is named after him.

Although his feast is usually celebrated on April, but it has been a tradition for us to celebrate it on November, in time also for my natal day.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nights at Marco Polo

Spent my Monday to Thursday nights - of last week - with my dad and sister at Marco Polo Hotel.  My mom was at Bohol.  Our family have been "hotel hopping for some weeks now because of my dad's work.  So when he is assigned here in the city, we take advantage of it for us to bond.  Marco Polo has been the third hotel in our list but this experience is actually our fourth, from Montebello Hotel ( twice ) and Summit Circle.

 This gigantic Christmas Tree greets you at the hotel lobby.
 The grand staircase.
wearing: black cropped jacket - random / black fitted tee with faux stones - Guess / monogram stretch and semi-cinched pedal pushers - XOXO / black paten leather wedge - MKNY / bag - Guess

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hello Forever 21

Went to the second-day opening of Forever 21 at SM.  
Finally, "IT" has conquered Cebu City.

 Dared to pose for their vanity wall.  Felt quite awkward since the bouncers were looking. :-(

 Got this piece at Php 305.  Thanks to my sister.

 Pretty Christmas trees.

So I posed in front of them too.
Really had a fun night.

wearing: fuchsia dress - G. Fiesta /  beaded denim-lace cropped jacket - thrifted /  black patent leather wedge - MKNY / tote - Kipling / silver necklace with D pendant - Bangkok,Thailand find

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Of Pleats and Flowers

Wore this outfit for a Sunday morning mass. 
Clothes by I Dress Up.

wearing: blue green top with silk florettes - I Dress Up /  blue green lace tube top - random / pleated skirt - I Dress Up / brown belt - XOXO / wedge - Matthews / sunglasses - E-bay

Fashion Trend Alert:

PLEATS are again trending in the world of fashion bloggers:
  camille tries to blog
these three are just a few of them

I would just love to share this quote to you before I say my good night:

Why can't we get all the people together in the world that we really like and then just stay together?  I guess that wouldn't work.  Someone would leave.  Someone always leaves.  Then we would have to say good-bye.  I hate good-byes.  I know what I need.  I need more hellos.  ~Charles M. Schulz

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fit in The Room III

Another session of fittings and pic-takings :-) inside a newly renovated fitting room, not as spacious as before.  

wearing: black top with gold studs and sheer sleeves and hood - random /  black fitted jeans - July / midnight blue oversized mesh vest - thrifted / the Clock bag - Mags / floral Tone-ups - Skechers 

oops, pics are grainy...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Dress Up, and Why? - Part 2

Basically, dressing up is something that comes in the form of a habit.  Then there's that feeling of satisfaction after having seen oneself in the mirror,and that's being narcissistic.  And there's that daily passion for stylish self-expression... the reasons are endless.

  My mom bought two  mesh vests two weekends ago and she wanted me to try it on, mix and match with my clothes.  And here's what  I have come up.

Fashion Experiment:
2 Ways to Wear a Mesh Over-sized Vest with dress-top from I Dress Up

Look No. 1
--- Wear it the Usual Way ---

 wearing: black oversized mesh vest - Knits and Stripes / black and white dress-top - I Dress Up / black twill shorts - favorite,random / black belt - SM / wedge - G. Fiesta / hat - My Hats For Rent 

Look No. 2
--- Wear it in Reverse ---

 wearing: black oversized mesh vest - Knits and Stripes / black and white dress-top - I Dress Up / black twill shorts - favorite,random / black belt - SM / wedge - G. Fiesta / hat - My Hats For Rent / necklace with D pendant - Bangkok, Thailand find

We may share similar reasons or you may have your own list of answers to the "why". 
Can you share your whyfors of dressing up?

Goodnight to all!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Ode to Fashionista: Amazing Anna

The living FASHION DOLL:

Fast Fact (via wikipedia): 
Anna Dello Russo is the editor-at-large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan. Dello Russo was born in Bari, and currently resides in Milan.

She is self-described as a "passionate fashionista" and has been described by Helmut Newton as a "fashion maniac".

She is a grand epitome of FUN, FIERCE, FEARLESS, BOLD, FASHION.
Need I say more?

To see more of Anna, visit her blog here.

pics taken via yahoo images

I Dress Up, and Why? - Part 1

Dressing up... It's been innate. 

 I could remember when I was in my younger days about 8-10 yrs old, I chose the clothes for myself and the shoes as well.  I was drawn to prints and darker hues.  Instead of plains, I preferred bedazzling prints; and instead of baby pinks, I opted for fuchsia.   My choices were quite unbefitting for my age.  And talking 'bout shoes, my first best shoe, as far as my memory can serve me, was from SM ( the old  and the first Shoemart in Cebu at LUYM Bldg. in Colon).  It was a black suede ballerina flats with gold details.  I so loved it.  And as a grew older, I have become more fashion-inclined.  The yearning, the desire to dress-up is unceasingly burning...hence, the birth of I Dress Up.

I Dress Up, it's not just about me, dressing up.  This is something that I have always wanted to do.  And I will certainly take all the risks to make this realize.  

I Dress Up is the line of clothing that I am unveiling soon to the public, the fashionistas in particular.  

I Dress Up is the style hub for the fashion savvy and will offer a melange of not-your-everyday clothes.

The dress-top below is one of my rudimentary creations, though what I just did is a revamping and updating  to make it look more "now".
I bought this dress from a snub thrift shop.  It's a dress, that was way too big for me.  I had the sleeves shortened and cut the edges to look assymetrical.  Though it ended up to be quite squarish, but!, still in style.  This dress-top will be up for grabs in my shop.

Revamping clothes has been a hobby to me.  It gives me a sense of fulfillment every time my seamstress is able to have finally sewn all sorts of cuts and trims that I do to a certain apparel.  I do add some glitz on the clothes too.

Revamping is actually second to my other hobby -"fashion shopping".  I say "fashion shopping" because I am most of the time, hopping from one boutique (or ladies section of department stores) to another, scanning on racks and taking note of what's trending in the fashion world.  And I do shop fashion items most often too.  

The love for anything wearable, the aversion to monotony and the unparalleled fetish of accumulation resulted to a surplus of redundant possessions. But priorities have revolved, and I have also evolved from once an impulsive shopper to a more fashionably-meticulous and price/quality-conscious buyer.

I still go on shopping spree, but this time I function as a fashion merchandiser for I Dress Up. And shopping for I Dress Up is never stressful, it's always a delightful and gratifying enterprise.

Modeling for I Dress Up

Wearing the vest, the reverse way is unconventional and may leave some slight discomfort.  But saying this the second time here in my blog, fashion is anything but uncomfortable and unconventional, would you agree?  Being head-to-toe color coordinated may appear gruesome to other individuals, but it's a part of my fashion advocacy.  I do not really go head-to-toe all the time. I just love experimenting though.

 wearing: black oversized mesh vest - Knits and Stripes / black and white dress-top - I Dress Up / black twill shorts - favorite,random / black belt - SM / wedge - G. Fiesta / hat - My Hats For Rent / necklace with D pendant - Bangkok, Thailand find

See what's in the mind of this one Filipino designer during the recently concluded PFW:

Aren't these reflections of my own design?

I'll keep you posted for any updates from I Dress Up.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hats from CauseWay

Visited causewaymall site for updates of what's new in their online shop.  I've seen some style pics where the hat is a part of their accessories.  So I collected the photos and here they are:

Love the clothes and of course, the HATS!

Visit here for more of causeway mall apparel and accessories.