Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Dress Up, and Why? - Part 2

Basically, dressing up is something that comes in the form of a habit.  Then there's that feeling of satisfaction after having seen oneself in the mirror,and that's being narcissistic.  And there's that daily passion for stylish self-expression... the reasons are endless.

  My mom bought two  mesh vests two weekends ago and she wanted me to try it on, mix and match with my clothes.  And here's what  I have come up.

Fashion Experiment:
2 Ways to Wear a Mesh Over-sized Vest with dress-top from I Dress Up

Look No. 1
--- Wear it the Usual Way ---

 wearing: black oversized mesh vest - Knits and Stripes / black and white dress-top - I Dress Up / black twill shorts - favorite,random / black belt - SM / wedge - G. Fiesta / hat - My Hats For Rent 

Look No. 2
--- Wear it in Reverse ---

 wearing: black oversized mesh vest - Knits and Stripes / black and white dress-top - I Dress Up / black twill shorts - favorite,random / black belt - SM / wedge - G. Fiesta / hat - My Hats For Rent / necklace with D pendant - Bangkok, Thailand find

We may share similar reasons or you may have your own list of answers to the "why". 
Can you share your whyfors of dressing up?

Goodnight to all!

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  1. love the hat!! i checked the site! I got hat freak! /'nice outfit!!