Sunday, January 1, 2012

Unveiling Chic Vintage in 2012

CHIC VINTAGE has officially unveiled on the first day of 2012.
And finally, my first ever facebook account, though not a personal photo diary.
I decided to open a public online shop @ Facebook since it's overly populated there and  netizens consume time there.  According to a survey, 600,000 Filipinos log in to Facebook everyday.  See? So why not exploit this fact. There's a huge market out there in Facebook!

Chic Vintage is the realization of a little dream I had last year that I never imagined to materialize.

Chic Vintage is more about my love for vintage and thrifted apparel.  As thrift clothing has eaten space in my closet and as my love for alterations plus my rudimentary skills in fashion design (as if I have some units in BA FD) collide, these all resulted to the giving birth of my longtime love to share my passion for fashion.

I have evolved to a practical buyer, hence my appreciation to anything thrifted has sky-rocketed.  (Kudos to those who instituted these thrift shops in the country. ) Then I ended up realizing: "why not share my thrift finds to fashionistas alike?".  I've discovered that my generation and the younger generations have high propensities to anything thrifted and vintage.  This (plus this) have inspired me to pursue my ingrained business plan.  Hence, the graceful inception of CHIC VINTAGE.

Here's a mini lookbook of my first ever collection for Chic Vintage .

Vintage Light

Shop at CHIC VINTAGE now!

Vintage Light

First 5 shoppers will be given discounts!

Click here for more of VINTAGE LIGHT collection

Shop now!

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  1. oh yey, i finally found your link on Gillian's blog.
    i've been wanting to comment back on your blog but can't open your profile..

    anyway, welcome to Cebu blogging! <3
    i checked out your shop and i wish i can buy the black sheer top...the sequined top..but i'm on a shopping ban because i owe our wholesale so much this year..hahaha.

    happy new year! <3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥