Monday, January 2, 2012

To Do's for 2012

I don't want to impose myself the so called New Year resolutions.  
But I am eagerly preparing my own To-Do list for the next 12 months.  
Here it is:

1.) I have to pursue, to endure and to succeed my online businesses. I have to penetrate the fashion industry.  I have to be more active, more persistent, more driven and more results-oriented.  I have to be more productive, that means triple the efforts, triple the sweat, be the busiest busy bee. (Quite tough? It's just the beginning.)

 A smiling busy bee, that would be me.

2.)  I have to take more risks, test cold and hot water.  Be more audacious.  No room for pessimism.  

3.) I have to sharpen my thoughts, my personality and all aspects of my life.  

4.) I have to be more transparent.  Be more open with my emotions, but more sensitive to other people's feelings.

5.) I have to establish tranquility at work, at home and within myself.  Give myself a time to breathe deep, to allow positive, creative and brilliant thoughts to flow inside my head.

6.) I have to be more fashionably venturesome, that means, defying hesitations and becoming more fashion-forward with limitless expression of my own fashion advocacy and style.

7.)  I have to learn  how to smile more often despite of future shortcomings.  I have to be more graceful when I'm under pressure.  I have to face my fears with all glory.
I am truly scared with dogs, even with puppies. :-(

8.) I have to be more spiritually uplifted and be more nice to those who are both nice and not.

I know... more to-do's will crop up in the coming days, but that's it for now.

Have a nice day to all.

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  1. Thank you for adding us in your blogroll, will add you as well. Happy new year and I hope you keep all your resolutions! :)