Sunday, January 31, 2016

i Travel - Bacolod

This domestic travel was so last year but I still have to share for my readers to see what Bacolod City in Negros Occidental has to offer.  I need not say more, let my photos capture your sense of sight and relenting interest.  Hope you will enjoy my pictures as much as I relished that travel which was basically work-related but we were able to squeeze in some touristy activities.

Capturing the famous THE RUINS with night lighting.  Quite a breath-taking view.

 The Ruins is siuated a few minutes away outside Bacolod.  It is located in Talisay City, Negros Occidental.

 This is one of the many haciendas in Negros Occidental that we visited and toured around.

    The BALAY NEGRENSE is a museum in Silay City, Negros Occidental in the Philippines, showcasing the lifestyle of a late 19th-century Negrense sugar baron. Wikipedia
    AddressCinco De Nobyembre St., Silay City, 6116 

 Next stop - for Pasalubong!  We were brought to EL IDEAL in Silay City.

 Revisiting THE RUINS at daylight.  This time, I have to have photos with this beautiful ,antiquated and historical architecture.

Thanks to Danifer for the photos.

What I Wore:
t-shirt - Guess / magenta stretch pants - Melvin / pink blazer - Alturas Department Store in Tagbilaran, City / thong slippers -Melissa / bag - Coach / cap - from Las Vegas, U.S.A. / earrings - Color Stone / sunglasses - G. Country Mall Department Store

My favorite goodies from Bacolod City were from El Ideal.  I am sooo in love with how delicious is this Goat's Milk Barquillos and Special Piyaya, both only from El Ideal.

Travel and Live in style, everyday!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

i Write: As I Wait

I am sharing another poem that I have written several years ago.


Days from now we will part,
But not the mind nor the heart;
Let no tears bedew my cheeks, 
Nor allow the heart feel ruptured and weak.

The love we share is not evanescent nor ephemeral;
This love is forever, and thus, eternal.

While I wait,
Overwhelming emotions, I create;
Impassibly, showing euphoria,
Clandestinely, is overwhelming nostalgia.

And as I wait,
I hold on to your vows,
And on the promises that we once wrote on the clouds.

original - unedited: September 24, 2007

Live life to the fullest and Live in style, everyday!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Look For Less: Series 1 - Thrift, Discount and Gift

I shop for fashion items anywhere and anytime, as long as I have money in my pocket. 
 I splurge but I am better at haggling and best at fashion-treasure finding.

This post will be the first in a new series which I call: The Look For Less

Series 1 - Thrift, Discount and Gift

I find my ensemble worth a thousand pesos, minus the jewelry.  
Do you agree?  But the truth is, this look is worth less than Php 600.00, excluding the jewelry.  

My look is a great example of the Look for Less.  

How to achieve a Look for Less? 

Wear thrift, buy in discounted prices and warmly accept gifts!

Smart shopper tips for the fashion savvy :

1. There is nothing wrong with wearing THRIFT clothing.  Just be meticulous with your hauling adventures and haggle if you can.

2. Items on sale are spectacular fashion finds, especially those with DISCOUNTs above 50%, keep mastering the skill of searching the cream of the crop fashion items at a cheaper cost.

3. We received GIFTs on special occasions like birthdays and on Christmas Day.  But definitely there are random days in our lives when we receive gifts from our loved ones like from family, in my case, my mom and my sister are spontaneously generous.

Cost of my outfit:
dress - Php 20 (thrift with tag), shoes - Php 299 (sale); stretch belt - Php 99 (sale); sunglasses - Php 129; South Sea pearl earrings and gold chain bracelet with South Sea pearl bling jewelry  - Php _ _0,000++ ( but free since it's a gift!)

 What I Wore:
retro dress - thrifted // peep-toe wedge shoes - Mags // black stretch belt with gold details - SM Accessories // sunglasses - SM Kids Department Store // South Sea pearl earrings and gold chain bracelet with South Sea pearl bling jewelry - gifted by my mom

Live in style, everyday!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2015 Shoes

Here's a visual run down of the "pretty", in my opinion, pairs of footwear that I have bought within the 365 days of the year 2015.  Well, definitely, I love shoes, next to clothes.  So whenever a pair of shoe that I find extraordinarily nice, budget-friendly and evidently comfortable, come across my sight, I cannot go home without taking that irresistible pair with me. 

 Pictured here are 18 pairs of footwear: a mix of flats, sandals and sneakers

 Another recap of my shoe fetish from 2014 - see HERE, 2013 - see HERE

 My propensity for the shades and tints of pink is beyond obvious.  See the different kinds of pink footwear that I have purchased last year.

When talking about neutral colors, seldom you will hear me talk about the color brown or see me wearing the hue.  All I am loving when it comes to "neutrals" is my forever favorite color combination of black and white.  I too love to wear all white, all black and a hint gold for my feet.

 This pair is quite special because I purchased it in Hong Kong and also it was my first time to get to know Katie Judith brand and own a piece of their creations.  I so love the pink color and not to mention the cutesy, unique details - flamingos on my feet!  What makes this shoe uber special is that it was sold with a 70% off discount price!  Super great buy!  (original price was 899 HKD)

I am a lover of anything more than the usual.  I appreciate the concept of style fusion - putting two or three or more concepts in one.  Just like this mary jane ballerina flats from Syrup @ People R People, it is a flat ballerina inspired shoes but there's a strap on the ankles, making it a mary jane footwear as well.  The silver trimmings make the pair more interesting.  This pair was on sale too.  Oh, I am such an extremely skilled hyper-shopper with an eye for everything beautiful yet priced very reasonably (another self-declaration).

The two pairs of foldable flats are from Ballasox.  The time I purchased these, I do not know anything about the brand.  But there I knew from the promotional posters in the store that Ballasox originated from Brazil.  Since these urban ballerina flats were on sale and I knew that rubber soles from Brazil are worth the splurge, so my mom insisted that I buy in two different colors that I like.  I cannot remember the exact discount, but I am sure that these pairs were very economically-priced as I afforded two.

 I am a lover of anything with glizt, so when I saw these two, I have to buy both.  These were not on sale but they were at Php 199.00 per pair, very affordable right?

 For the last two months, I was in search for the perfect red shoes, but since I still haven't discovered it, so when I saw this cute heart details on the this blue suede pointed shoes, there was no second thoughts.  I was more happy when I was told that it was on sale.  Another good buy.

This is the only wedge that I bought this year.  The brand is Chinese Laundry and this is yet another new in my list of brands to love.  What I love about this pair is the simple, yet elegant style and the color combination is a double "C" for classy and chic.  One more thing, this was on sale too at 50% off from Php 2,999.00

In 2014, I had a total of new 21 pairs, in 2013 there was about 40 ++ pairs, and now in 2015 I had 18 pairs of shoes plus 2 pairs of thong rubber slippers that can be worn on casual activities, e.g. running errands.

 Above is my Crocs slipper which my forever travel buddy bought for me in Bangkok, Thailand.  I bought a pair of additional blings - faux pearl + diamond - to accessorize my slip ons.

Below is another thong jelly slippers from Mel by Melissa.  I love this because it is in pink plus the cute - L.O.V.E. design.  And this was on sale too.

As of today, total is 81++ pairs.  

The red snakeskin print pointed flats is my second attempt for that search of the perfect red pair of shoes.  I am still in persistent pursuit for that perfect pair.

 I am looking forward for my 2016 purchases.

So what pairs have you bought last year? Share your stories!

Live in style, everyday!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sunday Style: I'm Blued

Me, wearing something black and conspicuous hints of the shades and tints of blue for a Sunday mass.

What I Wore:
black top with embellished neckline - Marni
dress, worn as skirt, worn underneath the top -gifted by my sister
blue stretch belt with faux diamonds - Landmark in Makati City
shoes - Ballasox
aqua sunglasses - Aldo
faux gemstone bead bracelet - Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, Thailand
faux crystal drop earrings - G. Metro Ayala Department Store

Live in style, everyday!