Saturday, May 28, 2011

Movie Mania: KILLERS

I am beginning another series of posts, not about fashion.  This time it'll be about movies that has captured my attention.  I am quite picky with movies.  I want the movie to extremely take my breath away.  I am a visual person so I am most fascinated with movies either full of action (not necessarily all bang! bang!), full of fun, full of love, and full of thrill and shrill.

The recent one that I watched and get awed with is 
KILLERS, a 2010 American romantic, action, comedy film that centers on a young woman who meets a guy who turns out to be an assassin,

 Katherine Heigl as Jennifer "Jen" Kornfeldt

Ashton Kutcher as Spencer Aimes

they dated...

 they blossomed into bf-gf thing

 they got married...

 and they got screwed...and of course it's a happy ending 

during there red carpet premiere

My Movie Rating: 10

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