Here's a rundown of my shoe fetish through the years since I started this blog.   Next to clothes, I have this overflowing love for shoes.  I do not collect this kind of fashion piece as I know they will soon wear down. But before they give up on me, I made sure I have captured them beautifully and tell delightful stories about them in this blog.

My Shoes:

2010 - It's the Shoe That Counts

            Fetish: Wedge
            Shoes and Rings
            Shoes for August
            Shoes for September 

2011 - Shoes for March and April
           Shoes Again
            Shoes for June
           Shoes for October
            Shoes for December

2013 - A Sneak Peak to My Shoe Fetish

2014 - New In For 2014

2015 - Shoes 2015

2016 - Shoe Review: Katie Judith and Chinese Laundry

2017 - Do You Really Have to Buy More Shoes?

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