Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Directly Local - Avon and Natasha

Gone are the days when clothing are only sold and bought only from department stores and boutiques.  Here comes the birth and uprising of direct selling companies that either originated from the first world countries or locally established and with exclusive distributorship in the country.  The direct selling business is a booming business here in the Philippines and this provides the consumers more options when it comes to the products and more alternatives to their purchasing habits.

The most famous among these heap of direct selling companies offering apparel, bags, shoes and accessories is Avon. Followed by Natasha, MSE, Boardwalk and maybe many others which I may not be familiar with yet.

This post is basically dedicated to two of the direct selling companies here in the Philippines which I am featuring some of their products.  Let's talk about Avon and Natasha, because I wear local, I promote local.     

Avon has been around for more than 125 years.  It was founded by David H. McConnell in the year 1886. (I was amazed after having known this fact! I never thought Avon was this old.) Though Avon may not be of Philippine origin, but the company has developed and marketed products that are specific to the preferences of the Filipino market, especially the women.   Click here to know more about the history of Avon.

Natasha on the other hand is a Filipino owned direct selling company which started on 1993 and have 150,000 registered members.  It carries primarily shoes, apparel, accessories and personal care product.

The BAG i am featuring in this post is from AVON - Philippines.  I am not a registered member of Avon. My mom (still not a member) purchased this bag.  This bag actually functions as my camera bag.  I like it because it is spacious enough to contain my camera but still have room for some of my essentials.  The color combination in black and fuchsia is a bonus.

The shoes I am featuring in this post is from NATASHA.  It is called as Aura sneakers and is available in fuchsia and beige.   I bought this on sale, and of course, in my favorite tint of pink - fuchsia.  It is made of cloth which renders that comfortable and painless (on the heel) feel on my feet.

Do you appreciate and buy local brands?... because I do! I purchase, I wear and I promote.

long sleeve cardigan - Dressing by 2068 / camisole - Forever 21 / leggings - Knit & Stripes / bag - Avon Philippines / sneakers - Natasha / sunglasses - G. Country Mall Department Store / scarf - thrift shop / earrings - from Singapore

Live in style, everyday!

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