Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ode to Fashionistas: Fashion It Girl from Thailand

As I have been hooked to Thai actors and actresses for the past few months,  the latest one I have been admiring is this famous Thai actress / model Chompoo Araya Hargate.  Not because of her acting prowess (since I haven't even seen yet any of her lakorns or movies) but because she's adorably chic and stylish even with her daily outfits.

Her pretty face reminds me of our own local actress, remember Maritoni Fernandez, who was known in the 90's.


Chompoo is a very famous superstar in Thailand. Her real name is Araya Alberta Hargate. She was born in 28 June 1981 in Thailand. She is a British-Thai national that is, her father is British and her mother is Thai. Because she was born in Thailand and her mother is Thai, Buddhism became her religion. Chompoo likes pink and she loves to eat cherry and mango. She admires Chatchai Plengpanich and  Lalita Panyopas as her favorite stars. She has a big collection of cosmetics and Blythe dolls. This woman became famous in 1998 after the Miss Motor Show Contest, and then she became a good actress.

In fact, she is very popular in fashion industry as a model of hairband with strange decoration, cap with animal ears, and many accessories that became popular items because she wears them. 

     In primary education, she studied at Kanmanee school, and graduated from Badindecha school in secondary education. When she was 17 years old, she became a member of Girl Power Group who organizes sports day. Her class had a few boys, but many girls, and they didn’t have anybody to be a majorette. That made Chompoo the perfect person for the role. She graduated at Rangsit University with a degree in Bachelor of Arts (B.A. English).

Chompoo is a very smart actress. She acted in many soap opera, such as, Plang Prai, Luk Mai Klai Ton, and Pee Pian Hotel. So, the best film that made her famous was Morlum Summer where she played as Anny. She doesn’t just have acting capability only but, she is a great host in Television programmes and event too, for instance, Jor Lok Maya, Sat Zone, Jamook Mod, and Kun Park. Chompoo has more talent in singing and she has many works in music video, advertisement, movie, and musical show. All of that make her become a famous woman and receive more than 50 awards, such as, FHM Sexiest Actress in Thailand Awards 2007 – 2010, W Style Awards, Siam Dara Stars Awards, and The Best Actress Awards. Soon, she will have a new soap opera named Kun Samee (Kummalor) Teerak coming.

I have been eyeing on her because she has this one-of-a-kind fashion sense.  And she's also famous in Thailand because of her unique fashion taste.

Sharing here a few of her fashionable day-to-day wardrobes I collected from the world.wide.web.

In her latest lakorn (tv series) with the famous actor of Thailand, Ken Theeradeth Wongpuapan entitled ANKO KON RUK STRAWBERRY, her fashion icon status is highly highlighted in this series.  I'm so excited to see every episode of it.  

Ken and Araya for Anko Kon Ruk Strawberry

“Kon Ruk Strawberry” is based on a new novel, this lakorn will be a romantic comedy. Nang’ek is a head hunter for a big company, looking to recruit the pra’ek, who is exceptionally smart. Pra’ek is unwilling to leave the countryside . Nang’ek devise as plan to sabotage his work in the countryside, so she will be able to recruit him."

Will keep an eye of her for her daring and unconventional fashion choices.

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