Monday, July 20, 2015

Sigh Style Tips: Date in Style - Art Museum

Special trips are planned and so the outfits.  When we decided to give Cebu Happyworld Museum a visit, the stylist in me became ecstatic and laid out an outfit for this special trip which I officially considered as a date. Yes, I called it a date, to an amusement museum, with my forever travel buddy slash forever photographer.

The venue for "our" date was definintely a vivid display of polychromatic awesome artworks.  My outfit has to be a bit exact opposite.  Black is the color, though I did not skip my artsy cartoon-ish print top.

A major requirement for this kind of art museum is that all footwear must be taken off before entering since the artworks were from walls to floors; which explains my being unshod.

Our mom would actually never allow us to wear an all-black ensemble, for some traditions that have been passed on through generations (which I am also taking it into my system).  Putting on a black top with obvious hints of colored prints has broken down the monotony of supposed black look and has also lent a youthful mood to my outfit.


What To Wear on an Art Museum Date?
To make your outfit stand out from the multicolored ambiance and for your date's eyes to get stuck on you the entire time of your date, choose plain fabrics in neutral colors such as black, beige and white.  Definitely avoid prints, i.e. colorful prints, as you may end up camouflaging to the artworks.  Wear something feminine yet chic and with a touch fun. Of course, make sure the outfit is comfortable.  And remember have fun, enjoy and mesmerize the blissful moments with your date. 

top - Viviyi / fluted hem skirt - Forever 21 / kimono-style cardigan - Mote / sunglasses - gifted by my sister from Las Vegas

Hope to have shared another useful fashion tip! 

Love and be loved... and Live in style, everyday!

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