Sunday, July 19, 2015

Knit Sweater in Summer

Who says you can't wear knit sweater during summer?

The Philippines being a tropical country has endowed us so much freedom when it comes to clothing.  We only have two major seasons here in the country, wet (rainy) and dry (summer) seasons.  And either of the two, Filipinos can wear anything under the sun and under the nimbus clothes with rain showers. 

If you have read my previous post about my travel to Bohol, this outfit was my choice during a morning stroll to the local beach in my mom's hometown.  We did not have a plan to immerse our bodies on the the sea water. To somehow protect my skin tone from the possible overproduction of melanin, I donned this knit sweater with a color combination that screams summer.  The sweater provides a good cooling system to my body as it is knitted with micro holes all over it.  

Paired the knit sweater with my ever-favorite black (ribbed) leggings and summer's perfect "sole"mate, the thongs, embellished and bejeweled is what I like.

knit sweater - Palacio de Fashion / leggings - my closet / thong sandals - APM Mall / sunglasses - SM Department Store - Kids

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