Monday, November 7, 2011

I Dress Up, and Why? - Part 1

Dressing up... It's been innate. 

 I could remember when I was in my younger days about 8-10 yrs old, I chose the clothes for myself and the shoes as well.  I was drawn to prints and darker hues.  Instead of plains, I preferred bedazzling prints; and instead of baby pinks, I opted for fuchsia.   My choices were quite unbefitting for my age.  And talking 'bout shoes, my first best shoe, as far as my memory can serve me, was from SM ( the old  and the first Shoemart in Cebu at LUYM Bldg. in Colon).  It was a black suede ballerina flats with gold details.  I so loved it.  And as a grew older, I have become more fashion-inclined.  The yearning, the desire to dress-up is unceasingly burning...hence, the birth of I Dress Up.

I Dress Up, it's not just about me, dressing up.  This is something that I have always wanted to do.  And I will certainly take all the risks to make this realize.  

I Dress Up is the line of clothing that I am unveiling soon to the public, the fashionistas in particular.  

I Dress Up is the style hub for the fashion savvy and will offer a melange of not-your-everyday clothes.

The dress-top below is one of my rudimentary creations, though what I just did is a revamping and updating  to make it look more "now".
I bought this dress from a snub thrift shop.  It's a dress, that was way too big for me.  I had the sleeves shortened and cut the edges to look assymetrical.  Though it ended up to be quite squarish, but!, still in style.  This dress-top will be up for grabs in my shop.

Revamping clothes has been a hobby to me.  It gives me a sense of fulfillment every time my seamstress is able to have finally sewn all sorts of cuts and trims that I do to a certain apparel.  I do add some glitz on the clothes too.

Revamping is actually second to my other hobby -"fashion shopping".  I say "fashion shopping" because I am most of the time, hopping from one boutique (or ladies section of department stores) to another, scanning on racks and taking note of what's trending in the fashion world.  And I do shop fashion items most often too.  

The love for anything wearable, the aversion to monotony and the unparalleled fetish of accumulation resulted to a surplus of redundant possessions. But priorities have revolved, and I have also evolved from once an impulsive shopper to a more fashionably-meticulous and price/quality-conscious buyer.

I still go on shopping spree, but this time I function as a fashion merchandiser for I Dress Up. And shopping for I Dress Up is never stressful, it's always a delightful and gratifying enterprise.

Modeling for I Dress Up

Wearing the vest, the reverse way is unconventional and may leave some slight discomfort.  But saying this the second time here in my blog, fashion is anything but uncomfortable and unconventional, would you agree?  Being head-to-toe color coordinated may appear gruesome to other individuals, but it's a part of my fashion advocacy.  I do not really go head-to-toe all the time. I just love experimenting though.

 wearing: black oversized mesh vest - Knits and Stripes / black and white dress-top - I Dress Up / black twill shorts - favorite,random / black belt - SM / wedge - G. Fiesta / hat - My Hats For Rent / necklace with D pendant - Bangkok, Thailand find

See what's in the mind of this one Filipino designer during the recently concluded PFW:

Aren't these reflections of my own design?

I'll keep you posted for any updates from I Dress Up.

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