Sunday, June 14, 2015

Work Style / Sigh Style Tips: 1 Blazer, 3 Ways to Wear

On Wednesdays, we have the freedom to wear what we feel like putting on to work.  Despite this freedom, it should not be misunderstood that we can just wear "any"thing.  Since we are going to work, the outfit must still be appropriate for the environment one will be in for the whole day and to closely consider the tasks laid out for the day.

The blazer is a staple type of clothing for my work.  Aside from giving that "corporate" look, it also functions to protect colder temperatures at the workplace.  The blazer I am wearing is of a contemporary cut as it is quite deviated from its original form.  It is diagonally zipped, so when fully zipped-down it gives an illusion of uneven proportion.  

The Question:
How to wear this blazer?

The Answers:
This black zip-front blazer can be worn in 3 ways: 

worn on the REGULAR MANNER - put on the sleeves, as seen on the photo above

worn OVER THE SHOULDER - as seen on the photo above and below

When it comes to t-shirts, tops , blouses, my choice is always on those tops with length that reaches few inches below the hips.  Upon getting a glimpse of this long top from the rows of hanged garments, I was so sure that I cannot leave the shop without taking it with me home.

The top is artfully dramatic as the print is a product of a creative mind plus printed on the sequins and each of it is stitched on the white shirt.  I always love the fusion of art and fashion, as I express it also in my fashion advocacy in the letter A - art in fashion, see side bar for the fashion advocacy.

TIE ON THE WAIST / HIP, see the photo above
This manner of wearing the blazer is revival of the 90's grunge fashion.

Hope to have shared another set of useful fashion style tips.
Happy Sunday to all!

What I Wore:
sequined top - Mill Pink
black stretch pants - White Gold Department Store
zip-front blazer - bought at Palacio de Fashion
yellow wedge - bought in Hong Kong
sunglasses - G.Country Mall

Live in style, everyday!

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