Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Today is one of those days I, and maybe we ( my family, cousin and her daughter ) can consider significant.  It was OUR FIRST TIME to experience the hubbub and frolic of HALLOWEEN TRICK OR TREATING.

We registered our niece yesterday at SM.  We got to pay PhP 35.00 and was given an SM recyclable bag to contain the goodies.

And so the day came, our baby Arab ( as I am fond of calling her this way ) was not physically prepared.  She had been sick the past few days.  But her excitement was soaring.  We didn't dress her up with a specific costume, we just put on red lipstick to look like blood under her eyes and on the side of her lips up to the chin.

Here's what  has transpired today:

 Look at Arab, I think she's afraid.  Her smiles are half-baked.

cute kids in costumes too...

ZOMBIES came to life... PLANTS, where are you now?

Fashion Window Displays ( at Parkmall )do halloween too.
They even had a contest for the best Halloween Window Display. 
( I guess this window did not make it)

and yeah, this is me, doing my thing

Happy Halloween!

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