Friday, September 30, 2011

Fashion Experiment: Neo Neon and a Blast of Thin Stripes

Scientifically, Neon is a chemical element that has the symbol Ne.  A colorless,inert noble gas under standard conditions, neon gives a distinct reddish-orange glow when used in either low-voltage neon glow lamps or in high-voltage discharge tubes or neon advertising signs.[5][6] It is commercially extracted from air, in which it is found in trace amounts. 
(via wikipedia)

But fashion-wise, seeing neon in an ensemble brings you back to the vibrant spirit of the 80's.

Fashion Experiment:
Neon + Stripes 

I mixed my neon stuff for more structured  geometrical figures, the lines.  
But in fashion, these lines are turned into what is called the stripes.

Top - white fitted top with horizontal stripes in black 
Shorts -  black "puruntong" with vertical pin stripes in white
Vest- neon orange, can be tied in front
Shoes - neon yellow, patent leather, semi-pointed brogue-like flats
Bag - faux LV with graffiti in neon green

Fashion Lesson:
Wearing Neon and Stripes

See here for more on how to wear neon without looking too flamboyant.

And let's recall your basic knowledge on geometry.  There are two types of line: vertical (top to bottom) and horizontal ( left to right)

In fashion these lines are coined as stripes.  They say if you are quite gifted with love handles, horizontal stripes does not suite you, cause it will widen your shape, worsen your shabby look.  Vertical stripes will help petite ones appear taller, and make 'healthy' ones look slimmer.
The key to wearing stripes in the real world is to always wear just one print matched with a solid. 

Well, I just deviated the above statement, but as long as thin and opposite stripes are worn at one time and color coordination must be apparent, nothing will go wrong.

Fashion is always an experiment. :-)

So do you have a neon and stripe story?

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