Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hats via Monte Carlo

Have you watched the film, Monte Carlo?

It was just quite a so-so mainstream film. 

Well this post is not about the movie.  

Something caught me up while the scenes progressed... the Hats!  
Though only 3 were featured but it still made me grin end-to-end.

( 1st Hat )
Millinery or Fascinator hat

Millinery hats - originating in Milan, are embellished, sometimes eccentric hats that have been a mark of class and high society since their inception. These type of hats are worn for special occasions and often times as "church hats".  These elaborately designed hats are the perfect headwear pieces to top any formal fashion statement. 

 Fascinator hats do fascinate me!  They are so timeless and elegant.  Wish to own one like this.

( 2nd Hat)
 Another fascinator hat.

( 3rd Hat)
A bowler hat.

Apologizing for the grainy photos.  Took shots while actually watching the movie.

Watch this film to have a better look at these hats.

Good night everyone!

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