Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fashion Experiment - Dress on Dress

Bid goodbye to a dress that was not "officially" worn.  Officially, since I bought this at a bazaar, I've not worn this to church nor to any of my shopping trips, but just this once ( photo shoot purposes), before I hand this to - i really don't know who -.

I know... my take on this dress is quite unflattering, either because I did have gained weight, love handles now protrude or because I layered this pink dress over my rust dress which makes me look more shabby.

Anyway, just experimenting again and since it's been said:
Fashion is anything but uncomfortable - unconventional, so I had to take a plunge.

wearing: rust dress - thrifted / altered; pink stretch halter dress - 138; wedge - Matthews; wooden necklace - G. Main

1 comment:

  1. hi! that pink dreess still look good with the red top. anyway i bought my hat sa sm dept store. i think its about 200 or 300 i forgot eh :/