Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fashion Owling

This is definitely not 'bout "OWLing" (the internet meme for the practice of crouching like an owl in unusual places).  This post is dedicated to the solitary and nocturnal member of the class Aves, the OWL

I'm giving a new delineation to the word owling now (unofficial):

OWLING according to 27chic
" the practice of wearing "owls" in an outfit, may it be prints in apparel or owl-shaped accessories"

 We went to the malls this morning in search for the perfect sofa bed for my sister.  So I joined my dad and sister in their search, wearing this outfit.  

I like the rich colors of my top and pants.  This outfit is really comfortable, leaves that easy-breezy feel since my wide-legged pants is sheer chiffon and my top is cotton.

Part of my outfit plan for the day was to wear all my OWL accessories.  Really can't come up with reasons why, just feel like doing it though.

 Got this OWL bag from a souvenir boutique at Indra shopping bazaar in Bangkok, Thailand.

 OWL earrings and OWL ring from Aizlym and OWL necklace from XXI Forever - Bangkok, Thailand.

vintage padded floral top - i dress up, the shop; sheer polka dot wide-legged drawstring pants - thrifted Lauren by Ralph Lauren; red flats - Shanghai,China find; owl bag - Bangkok, Thailand find; owl necklace - XXI Forever - Bangkok Thailand; owl ring & earring - Aizlym; black watch - Nike, yellow floral belt - Y.R.Y.S

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