Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Let's Get Laud!

Went shopping with my mom and sister over the weekend.  With our hopes to look for that one perfect dress for my sister and mom, we dared not to miss every boutiques at SM.  Hopping from one shop to another have led us to Get Laud!  The store is full of prints.  Clothes hanging on racks are vividly attractive. 

My sister bought one dress and my mom got two! The dresses are really nice, the cloth are so comfy and all reasonably priced!


To create a decent and stylish Philippine-made fashion wear that depicts Filipino craftsmanship and design, available and affordable to women of all ages with different lifestyles.

To deliver stylish but affordable Philippine-made clothing to all women without compromising style, comfort and affordability;
To create jobs/business and sustainable income for all workers and raw material suppliers of Get Laud! Apparel

GET LAUD! boasts of its quality Ladies Apparel by using imported high-quality and fashionable fabrics in all its merchandise; stylishly cut and sewn locally for the wearer's comfort and satisfaction.
GET LAUD was awarded the "Most Promising Retailer" Award for 2007 from Ayala Malls (Market Market) last April 15, 2008 and "Marketing Partner" Award for 2008 last April, 2009.
Consecutively, in 2005 - 2006, GET LAUD! received the Seal of Excellence Award as the "BEST SPANDEX APPAREL RETAIL STORE" awarded by the National Shopper's Association of the Philippines and by the National Shopper's Choice Awards.
GET LAUD! consistently and continuously commits and hold on to its recognition of manufacturing quality and affordable fashion for Filipina women.
Through the years in business, GET LAUD! learned the ropes of retailing and have saved up for bigger plans. It is now ready to pick up another business challenge by shifting gears up to another level.

GET LAUD! dreams big
and acts upon it
by opening its first mainstream venture.
Expansion of operations alongside with aggressive marketing
are the main thrust of the GET LAUD! Team these days.

Took advantage of their spacious fitting room.

wearing: black-white print cotton dress - G. Metro, polka dot dress-top - thrifted, brown belt - XoXo, brown bag - Guess, brown sandals with gold details - So Fab

Don't forget to drop buy and shop at Get Laud!

If you are from Cebu or within the provinces of Visayas , you have to check out the store at SM since it is their only store in the region.


Metro Manila
  • Alabang Town Center
  • Festival Supermall
  • Market!Market!
  • Metropoint Mall
  • SM City Bicutan
  • SM City Fairview
  • SM City San Lazaro
  • SM City Sta. Mesa
  • SM Supercenter Valenzuela
  • Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall
  • Starmall EDSA-Shaw
  • Tutuban Centermall
  • 168 Shopping Mall (3rd Floor)
  • SM City North Edsa
  • Marquee Mall, Angeles, Pampanga
  • SM City Batangas
  • SM City Lipa
  • SM City Lucena
  • SM City Marilao
  • SM City Pampanga
  • SM Supercenter Molino
  • SM City Tarlac
  • Lim Ket Kai Mall, Cagayan de Oro
  • NCCC Mall of Davao (Matina)
  • Gaisano Mall of Davao
  • SM City Cebu

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Movie Mania: KILLERS

I am beginning another series of posts, not about fashion.  This time it'll be about movies that has captured my attention.  I am quite picky with movies.  I want the movie to extremely take my breath away.  I am a visual person so I am most fascinated with movies either full of action (not necessarily all bang! bang!), full of fun, full of love, and full of thrill and shrill.

The recent one that I watched and get awed with is 
KILLERS, a 2010 American romantic, action, comedy film that centers on a young woman who meets a guy who turns out to be an assassin,

 Katherine Heigl as Jennifer "Jen" Kornfeldt

Ashton Kutcher as Spencer Aimes

they dated...

 they blossomed into bf-gf thing

 they got married...

 and they got screwed...and of course it's a happy ending 

during there red carpet premiere

My Movie Rating: 10

Vintage Pleats and Plaid

Another vintage and thrift find for 10 pesos only. 
Had this re-worked: shortened the sleeves and hemline.
I just so love vintage.

Fashion Lesson on PLEATS:
The concept of the pleated skirt is thought to have originated in the 16th century. A common style of pleating during that time was the knife pleat, and it was used to gather the fabrics of petticoats and skirts to waistbands.
 dress is made in Tokyo, Japan... don't know how old this dress is
style of pleating - knife pleat
wearing: plaid and pleated dress - vintage & thrifted; white dress top with gold studs - random; brown belt - XOXO; lace-up red espadrille wedge - MNG

And oh, this is an update - it's May 31st and i just received an e-mail from Polyvore (to which i subscribed for any fashion related updates) 8 hours ago, and guess what...

my vintage pleated dress is just in time for the new trend:

Trend Alert: Pleated Skirts

Looking for a fun addition to your spring wardrobe? A pleated skirt, specifically the accordion pleat, is the fashionable way to go. Inspired by the 1950s, this trend is being reinvented in bold colors and fun prints. From mini to maxi, you'll love these flirty and feminine skirts!

So why not grab yourself a pleated skirt or a dress and be ready to rock this trend!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Orange and Goodnight

Just an outfit post.  Taken last weekend while running errands for mom.

wearing: stripe orange lycra top + black tierred skirt + black belt + studded flats + black hat  - all random
Goodnight everyone!

Common Trend III

A mere collection of pictures for you to guess what's trending.

pictures from across the www

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Of Summer Hues

Summer will almost be over, and I haven't even been to the beach.  It's a-ok, because I am not a beach person and most definitely I want to maintain my skin color.

The hues in this outfit revolved around the colors from my monkey shorts: dark pink, light blue and light yellow. These colors are infectiously giving me bliss.

wearing: shorts with monkey prints - G. Metro; light blue racerback - random; fuchsia collared bolero - random; pale yellow in white dots chiffon scarf - thrifted; fuchsia platform sandals - Crocs; bracelets from provincial travels

and my new fetish - bracelets from my local trips in the country.  
I began this collection when I travelled to the Northwestern part of Luzon in February this year.  I failed to buy souvenir pieces from Tagaytay and Vigan.  It started all with the Pagudpud beaded bracelet, followed by the cord bracelet with the Baguio City engraved on the metal piece.  Next is the wooden bracelet from Legazpi City, Albay and the latest additions are from Bohol.

worn this entire outfit on our way back to Cebu from our weekend trip in Bohol

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ode to Fashionistas: B.E.E. Inspired

It has been a week that I went loco over the amazing daily outfit posts of a blogger calling herself B.E.E. which stands for Blair Elise Eadie. 
"Pictures are louder than words": that simply describes her blog.  She seems to be an expert on mixing and matching, layering and more-is -indeed-still-ok theory (when it comes to apparel and accessories). Her style is echtly fashionable but essentially wearable.  

She simply inspires me to maximize whatever is inside my closet.

She is one true epitome of fashion.
pictures via Atlantic-Pacific

Geez,I got so overwhelmed  with all her pictures from the latest to the very first post so without hesitation I emailed her and asked her some fashion-related questions.  To my dismay, but I do understand very well that she is a very occupied person, she was unable to reply my Q's. But the fact that she took time to reply to my e-mail made me feel elated and flattered. See below her brief and honest e-mail:
"Thank you so much for your e-mail.  Unfortunately I only commit to a small number of interviews a month, since I run my blog as a side hobby and want to ensure that I spend quality time on each interview.  I hope you understand and I am so flattered you like the blog.  I hope you are having a great week!!"
 Btw, this commences my new posting series: 
Ode to Fashionistas

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Love Fuchsia and Peach Too

If one would ask me what my favorite color is, I know I will go blank for a few seconds.  I really do not know now what my favorite color is.  I used to be so fanatic with yellow and red and then pink, but those were during my salad days.  I do have now an eye for black and white, pink and its tints - honey suckle, magenta, fuchsia; and orange and its shades - peach, salmon, coral tangerine.

I so like the color of the newly painted walls of our 'home sweet home' in Bohol.

wearing: fuchsia shift dress with "cat" embroideries - G.Fiesta; peach peep-toe flats with glitters - Mags; sunglasses - SM Naga City

What is your favorite color?

Fashion Experiment: Floral Print Overload + Fiesta

Went to Bohol last weekend to visit relatives and enjoy the annual fiesta of San Isidro Labrador in my parents' hometown.

f.y.i. - a FIESTA is defined as a festival or religious holiday especially celebrated for a saint.

We enjoyed a brief tour in the municipality.  

There's a new addition to the long list of tourist spots in Bohol: the Mangorove Monkeys
Entrance Fee is Php 40.00

Fashion Experiment:

wearing: floral black and white maxi dress - G.Metro; floral see-through zip up cropped  hoodie - 138; fuchsia platforms - Crocs; floral bag (faux LeSportsac)-White Gold; bracelets from provincial trips

Monday, May 16, 2011

Something NEW in the Market, Try It Out

This post is so not about fashion. 

I am starting a new segment here in my blog. 
I am exploiting the opportunity of having an avenue to speak about products which I believe in and would love to let the public know how these products may have affected my life and maybe theirs too.
The first set of products that I am disclosing are SOMETHING"S" that I happen to depend to at times of physical uneasiness.  These are "somethings" that we put on our skin to help us feel and achieve the relief that we have been needing to alleviate all body discomforts without popping a pill.  These substances are technically called liniments and ointments and generally are pharmacologically classified as counterirritants. 

With out so much blah, blah, blah... introducing, the newbies in the market...

1.) Omega Pain Killer Liniment - PRO, as endorsed by Paul Jake Castillo.  This is a new variant of the Omega line.  This is really new in the sense that its color is so totally cooling to the sight as it comes in refreshing light blue with a perfect cool scent.  And of course it still delivers the effect that every user is expecting.

2.) Efficascent Ointment - this is the solidified version of the famous Efficascent Oil.  It's a very good innovation since it makes the brand not just a household commodity but a travel companion as well.  Its ointment form makes it too handy to carry and use all day, anywhere, anytime. 

3.) Efficascent Oil - Extreme, simply wow.  Why? Because most people who are avid users of liniments do complain about the objectionable after-smell of liniments.  They do want to use the liniment for relief of pains but they cannot sacrifice the thought of having to smell like their grandmothers.  And, they worry about getting stained too since the other Efficascent Oil variants are tainted in green.  Glad, all worries are erased with the birth of this new variant  It is indeed EXTREME as to its effect, but its color is soo subdued, so crystal clear. Plus, it is blended with a fragrance that leaves the skin sweetly scented.  Do I have to ask for more? 

What is more interesting with these products is that it is locally manufactured here in Cebu.

Do search in the groceries, pharmacies or your neighborhood sari-sari stores for these new items and experience the blissful comforts each new product brings.

Visit here and here for more information about their other products.

Fashion Experiment: ShoeLace NeckLace

Fashion Experiment:

 I am addicted to layering.

  I really like this tunic, its too comfortable and simply stylish.

Aside from the black and white favorite color combo, I also happened to  like the color pink, mostly I find its tints very attractive.

wearing: multiple print, asymmetrical tunic - thrifted; black cardigan, black leggings underneath black twill shorts - random; pink shoelace necklace with pendant - SM; black with pink hearts shoelace worn as neck piece - G.Main; bracelets from provincial trips; fuchsia platforms - Crocs from Singapore

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bow. Wow.

F21 reports latest trend: BOW Down

I sported this trend four months ago, here's what i wore: