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Bangkok Photo Diary 10-2014: Day 2 - Meet and Greet with Weir Sukollawat Kanaros

Do you know this person? 
Most Filipinos may not be familiar with him, but the Thais certainly do. 

I will never miss the opportunity to meet (again and again) Weir Sukollawat Kanaros on my vacations to Bangkok, Thailand. And last October 10, 2014, I had the luckiest chance again for an exclusive meet and greet with Weir.

I mentioned in my previous Bangkok January 2014 post here and here, that I joined Weir's fans club online, Sukollawat Club, to get access to his schedule of public events.  And from that membership, I have the chance to befriend other Thai fan club members who were all eager to assist me on how to get to those places where Weir can be seen.  

With the big help and guidance of my Thai friend, Sawanya, who even met with me at the airport, I finally had a special and exclusive meet and greet with Weir at Don Mueang International airport.  I was told that Weir will be flying to Phuket for an event there and this was the only best time to have a chance to meet him, exclusively.

While we were waiting for Weir, Sawanya handed me these two photos of him from his photo shoot of his Lah Ruk Sut Kob Fah TV series for Weir to sign, and as my token from our special meet and greet.

Sawanya keept on contacting Weir's manager for their whereabouts and we were surprised that Weir was already standing in front of the boarding area entrance.  Sawanya immediately confronted them and introduced me to Weir as a "fan from the Philippines".  I was instantly coy but managed to hand him over my "pasalubong" / gift from the Philippines.  Everything happened swiftly.  Sawanya took a photo of me and Weir through Sawanya's phone, thank God she did because I was just holding my phone the entire time when I met Weir.  And Weir affixed his signature on the photos that Sawanya gave me earlier.  And then they left.

I have been emphasizing that it was an E X C L U S I V E meet and greet with Weir, as it was a meeting that happened with only ONE fan, that's me!  Sawanya told me that Weir never allows a meet and greet with local fans at the airport.  But he gave permission to Sawanya and allowed me to meet him at the airport as I was an international fan, a fan from the Philippines. 

After our brief meet, I realized and vividly registered into my memory these observations: WEIR was indeed tall, comely as I expected and very pleasant and accommodating. I have no regrets of becoming his fan.

 Sawanya took a photo of me with the signed pictures of Weir.  This was (and is) how it felt to be #iamafan, a fan club member.  As you can see, I was not dolled up that day. I wanted to be in my most simplest appearance as a triumphant meet and greet was my ultimate goal that day and I was indeed victorious.

A special meet and greet seemed to be impossible and even being able to meet him from afar was quite unthinkable. But everything, as planned, transpired beyond my imaginations that day since even here in the Philippines, it is somehow difficult to grab an opportunity to have sight of our local actors and actresses, how much more for an exclusive meet-up? The meet and greet with Weir at Don Mueang International airport was truly an amazing success.

This is Sawanya Pimthong. I am so thankful that my day 2 of this vacation was successful, and that I owed to Sawanya.  If not for her, that exclusive meeting with Weir could have not eventuate.

Definitely, on my future vacations to Bangkok, I will always provide time, include in our itinerary, for a meet and greet (again and again) with Weir, and maybe also Min Pechaya (as she is my favorite love team partner of Weir).

Do come back for my other posts of our October 2014 Bangkok vacation.

Travel, and Live in style, everyday!

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