Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Love Fuchsia and Peach Too

If one would ask me what my favorite color is, I know I will go blank for a few seconds.  I really do not know now what my favorite color is.  I used to be so fanatic with yellow and red and then pink, but those were during my salad days.  I do have now an eye for black and white, pink and its tints - honey suckle, magenta, fuchsia; and orange and its shades - peach, salmon, coral tangerine.

I so like the color of the newly painted walls of our 'home sweet home' in Bohol.

wearing: fuchsia shift dress with "cat" embroideries - G.Fiesta; peach peep-toe flats with glitters - Mags; sunglasses - SM Naga City

What is your favorite color?

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