Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Dresses

December 24 and 25, 2010 were quite busy days for the family
but I still managed to take some outfit pics.

btw, belated Merry Christmas!

 December 24, 2010

magenta top - random
black sweetheart baloney dress with gold trimmings - 138
berry Cyprus Crocs platforms - gifted by sis
 "PHOTO-FRAME" necklace - 27chic d-i-y
Cozy Balloons Swatch watch - gifted by sis from Switzerland
faux red/black Kipling sling bag - G. Countrymall boutique

 Christmas Day 2010

This picture reminds me of the Conehead Zombie in Plants vs. Zombies
(i'm a certified fanatic to this game)

red dress - gifted by mom
black rose stretch belt - G.Main
studded canvass rubber flats - G.Fiesta
black cover-up with cat print - thrifted

Wearing this for Christmas Day 2009.

My Christmas colors are white, red and black.  Just love this color combo.

Lots of Polka Dots

I will never ever get fed up nor feel disgusted with polka dots. 
It's a fashion staple for me, forever,  as posted here.

Here are few of my picks from the web.

and since welcoming the new year is a pat away,
I will certainly be wearing polka dot for that event!

pics via,,,

Fashion Experiment: Kiddie Raincoat

Another late post.  It was rainy December morning (couldn't remember the exact date). 
So, I decided to don clothes to somewhat keep me warm in the office and chose a color to perfectly match the gloomy day. 
Final touch was a kiddie raincoat that I thrifted a few months back. 
It's actually reversible (opposite color is tan). 
I got my eye on this since I thought it was a dress. 
It was only when I arrived home that I realized it is a raincoat, and for kids!

Fashion Experiment:


People at work were not able to see my raincoat since mr. sun came out when the taxi was nearing the company compound. 
So I had to take it off since it was becoming warm already and I was beginning to sweat.

polka dot cowl-neck top - random
black longsleeve tee with knitted neckline and sleeve ends - thrifted
textured black pants - random
floral kiddie raincoat - thrifted
black stretch belt in metal lock - gifted by sis from Singapore
berry Cyprus Crocs platforms - gifted by sis from Singapore

Life is Full of Surprises

would you wear this wedge?

she modeled for jean paul gaultier's spring 2011 colletion

if there are fire dancers in Boracay, there are fire models on the runway
pretty weird hats, aren't they?

these are made to give comfort to our toes

and my favorite...
and this makes me wonder: how do i really look like? lol

 Advance Happy New Year!

photos via shoelust, yahoo images,

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Fashion Frame

First time ever to create a fashion mood board, don't know why, 
but i kind of enjoy making a fashion collage.

' Will call this collection of f-mood boards as Fashion Frame.

picutres via

Monday, December 27, 2010

Shoes and Rings

I am always a shoe accumulator...
and lately,
I have become a ring  fanatic - with animal designs only -.

Here are some of my shoe purchases, and one is a gift from my sis, and a few of my rings.

 my owl ring worth Php 35.00 and my favorite canvass shoes with silver studs

my salamander ring (1 missing crystal) bought at Planet Exchange for Php 149
 this is a cheap purchase @ P170++:
white wedge with heels in black graffiti that reads: Louis, Paris, etc
it may be of low quality but it prettifies my little feet

 my crocodile ring bought at Php 24.00 at Aizilym in carbon
(such an amazing store that sells A LOT of accessories all coming from China,
you should take a visit there and prepare to be wowed)

 Connie black wedge with cork heels gifted by sis from USA

my cheetah ring worth Php 120++ from Gaisano CountryMall
gray heeled booties bought on sale for Php 599 at Shubizz
(original price was at Php 2,195)
such a steal! 
and the money I bought for this was actually a gift for my birthday

Visit Shubizz blog here.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wishin' you had a joyous celebration this Christmas!


My online shop has been unveiled two months ago so please,

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The love for anything wearable, the aversion to monotony and the unparalleled fetish of accumulation resulted to a surplus of redundant possessions. When the heap was larger than life, the back-up plan cropped up and paved the birth of cyEcle, four years ago.

I have always fancied seeing people donning clothes or shoes that I personally hand-picked. And this vision of having to share my fashion belongings to other people and actually see them appreciate my personal choices have come to realization with cyEcle.

It has been a desire to pass on my sense of style and push my C.L.E.AN. Fashion advocacy. With
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