Sunday, December 26, 2010

Wishin' you had a joyous celebration this Christmas!


My online shop has been unveiled two months ago so please,

Do check out cyEcle for fashion pieces at reasonable prices.


The love for anything wearable, the aversion to monotony and the unparalleled fetish of accumulation resulted to a surplus of redundant possessions. When the heap was larger than life, the back-up plan cropped up and paved the birth of cyEcle, four years ago.

I have always fancied seeing people donning clothes or shoes that I personally hand-picked. And this vision of having to share my fashion belongings to other people and actually see them appreciate my personal choices have come to realization with cyEcle.

It has been a desire to pass on my sense of style and push my C.L.E.AN. Fashion advocacy. With
cyEcle, I believe my aspirations are achieved.
  Look good and feel great for less! Shop cyEcle!
Feel free to leave your comments if you are interested in any of the items being sold.

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