Monday, December 27, 2010

Shoes and Rings

I am always a shoe accumulator...
and lately,
I have become a ring  fanatic - with animal designs only -.

Here are some of my shoe purchases, and one is a gift from my sis, and a few of my rings.

 my owl ring worth Php 35.00 and my favorite canvass shoes with silver studs

my salamander ring (1 missing crystal) bought at Planet Exchange for Php 149
 this is a cheap purchase @ P170++:
white wedge with heels in black graffiti that reads: Louis, Paris, etc
it may be of low quality but it prettifies my little feet

 my crocodile ring bought at Php 24.00 at Aizilym in carbon
(such an amazing store that sells A LOT of accessories all coming from China,
you should take a visit there and prepare to be wowed)

 Connie black wedge with cork heels gifted by sis from USA

my cheetah ring worth Php 120++ from Gaisano CountryMall
gray heeled booties bought on sale for Php 599 at Shubizz
(original price was at Php 2,195)
such a steal! 
and the money I bought for this was actually a gift for my birthday

Visit Shubizz blog here.

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