Monday, September 26, 2016

Fringe Style and All That Jazz

Social media has been an incredible source of inspirational quotes and words of wisdom.  The latest one that hit me is a quote from Reyna Biddy that I stumbled upon at Instagram:

" Trust in your craft enough to admire it, study it, perfect it, breathe it.  Never stop getting better at whatever it is that you love to do."

Foremost, what do I love to do?
My younger years basically can attest my propensity for dressing up and it turned out that it was not merely just an inclination but a passion that I totally fell in love with.

Dressing-up or personal fashion styling has become a craft that I have mastered over the years. My fringe style and all that jazz metamorphosed into a vehement passion that I have nurtured and closely perfected.  There might be times that I marginally opt for the uncomplicated, the plain Jane they say. But what is true of us would spontaneously surface and resurface no matter how firm we suppress it.  

What I learned over time, is that we have to trust in our craft, just like Reyna Biddy publicly expressed. Do aim for the betterment of what we started and what we always are inclined to. Unceasingly challenge oneself and continue doing what we are passionate about and painstakingly loving what we love to do.

What is your craft? Have you given your 100% on your craft? Share your stories, ladies.

What I Wore:

black DRESS worn as top - Forever 21 / knit stripe skirt - unbranded / hot pink fringe vest - unbranded / fuchsia fringe peep-toe sandals - Kay in Hong Kong / sunglasses - Chatuchak Market in Bangkok/ cobalt blue stretch belt - Landmark in Makati / necklace - SM Accessories in SM Seaside City / lipstick - BYS 

Live in style, every day!

Friday, September 23, 2016

100% You

Quoting J.A. Byler today:

The best thing about being 100% yourself is that, while you may face rejection, you can NEVER be replaced". 

Individuality may no longer be a dilemma to people in the world nowadays is congested with amplitude of opportunities to express oneself and boldly explore sole distinctiveness.

Just being you, 100%, is the key to unlocking the endless possibilities that await us all in this jungle of circumstances - mixed with a heap of success and luck.

What I Wore:
cotton + mesh top - Palacio de Fashion / black and white sweater tied around the waist - G. Capital SRP / black and white jogger pants - G. Fiesta Mall / sling bag - gifted / peep toe silver pumps - G. Metro Ayala / sunglasses - Aldo

Live in style, every day!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

What I Wore to America

I had the best chance to step my foot, for the very first time, on the land of the free and the home of the brave - United States of America.  And I was there for one month and have experienced a number of firsts in my lifetime.

But right now, I am sharing some of my #OOTD  during this trip.  You might see that there are less than 30 outfits since I was not at all times keen to take snapshots of what I wore. 

 I was very challenged during preparing my clothes for the month-long trip.  I had to pack wisely and still made sure that my personal style is not sacrificed considering I am only given 56 kg of baggage allowance.  And I was also ready to take on another challenge of mixing and matching only a number of wearable pieces for a 32-day, inexact, of work and vacation trip and with a weather that my body is not accustomed to.  It was the end of fall season and the opening of spring that time.

Let's start off with my outfits in CALIFORNIA, U.S.A, where I spent 8 days in this state.

Day 1 -
 arrived in Anaheim, California and had lunch right after we checked in Knott's Berry Farm  Hotel

What I wore in Los Angeles, California:

 This is what I wore when we were brought to Universal Studios in L.A. by my officemate's aunt.  My first time in Universal Studios, another of my "firsts" experience since I have not even gone yet to Universal Studios in Singapore.

This photo was taken in one of the alleys in Rodeo Drive.

What I Wore in San Francisco, California:

The remaining days of my trip in the U.S.A. were spent in the state of Georgia.  I had to be there to be with my sister in preparation for her wedding, and of course to be her Matron of Honor on her most awaited big day.

Below are photos of some of my outfits in Woodstock, Georgia:

 The picture above was taken on the first day of Spring 2016 in the U.S.A.  It was my first time to welcome the first day of any spring season - another first in my lifetime.

 This is what I wore during the first tea party that I attended, another first in my list!  It was the birthday of my sister's sister-in-law.  Me, looking prim and proper for an all-female party.

 This is what I wore during the Easter Sunday Mass in the Roman Catholic Church in Woodstock.  Another first on my list - first time to celebrate Easter in another country.

Wore this heavy knit for a cold day shopping tour around Woodstock, Georgia

Preppy look for some shopping at The Outlets in Atlanta

"howdy-rowdy" inspired outfit for a stroll and sightseeing at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

 My Pink and Blue ensemble at the Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta, Georgia:, see photo below

My next series of post will probably be about my trip in America, do look forward to it.  I am really excited to share the places I have gone to and the varied experiences I had in America.

Travel and Live in style, every day!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Yesterday , I Learn

Carrying a halcyon composure is the key to keep your focus intact in times of unprecedented commotion.
-- Sigh --

Friday, September 9, 2016

Rose Quartz and Serenity

It's already in the "ber" month now, but I believe it is never too late for me to wear 2016's Pantone Color(s) of the Year:

What I Wore:
embellished (faux pearls) dress - South Shores @ SM City Cebu  // rose quartz kimono blazer - H&M @ San Francisco, U.S.A. // serenity pumps - Payless Shoe Source @ SM City Cebu // South Sea pearl earrings and gold chain bracelet with South Sea pearl trinkets  - my mom's // white sling bag (not pictured) - Mango

Wore this outfit for my cousin's 18th debut party, wherein I defied the party's dress code, black and white, and dared to strut this year's Pantone colors.

Live in style, every day!

Poem: A Self-Delineation


Wanton lips, embed in an uncorrupted mien
Thin gams, spare arms, utterly lean
With hair blowzy, always on a pony
A simple, naive confirmation with an unwonted story

Timid and reticent at first sight
Flaming and aggressive deep down inside
Appeared contented and worry-free for the future
Still delving for truth, craving for adventure

Moves, often at leisure, too feminine
Fulfilling them with grace and success in serene
Though creative imaginations flow freely her thoughts
But her doubts and fears are perplexing her both

Endless dreams, constant inspiration
Invincible principles, self-declared limitations
All contouring the pathway she had stepped upon
Pursuing and enduring what she had begun

Bestowed with gifts that others may also have
Using them all for happiness and love
Cruising over one's unsure destiny
And discovering the veracity of life's mystery

Life, whiles cruel, full of imperfections
Still living to the fullest without hesitations

In the absence of beauty, her sweetness and simplicity reigns
Donning a smile above all gains and pains
Uncover what lies beneath her frailty:
A heart of gold, a simon-pure personality

---- end ---

Date of Composition: 6-12-2001  

My Realization:

This poem was composed a decade and 5 years ago. This self-definition have changed through the years.  It is quite ridiculous reminiscing back how our younger years were challenging, unstable and somewhat dramatic. But those circumstances we have encountered have magnanimously helped us mold the kind of person that we are now at present, a better version of our then feeble, juvenile selves.

Fashion Experiment:

Dress on Dress

dress 1 - black dress worn as top / dress  2 - silver sequined + red empire tube dress in bubble hem  worn as skirt

Live life to the fullest, and Live in style, everyday!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Sporting A Skort

Have you worn a SKORT?

skort is generally a pair of shorts with a fabric panel resembling a skirt covering the front, although some may be skirts with a pair of integral shorts hidden underneath.[1] - via wikipedia

History of the SKORT:
The term "skort" (a portmanteau of skirt and shorts) is used idiomatically in some regions. While some garments sold as culottes resemble shorttrousers, to be a skort they need to look like skirts. They are distinguished from trousers or shorts by a fuller cut at the bottom (hem) than at the waist.   -

Skorts were developed to provide more freedom to do activities such as sports, gardening, cleaning, or bike riding, and give the appearance of a skirt.  -

The outfit is accessorised with my faux gold and pearl set from Choies,com

Live in style, everyday!