Monday, September 26, 2016

Fringe Style and All That Jazz

Social media has been an incredible source of inspirational quotes and words of wisdom.  The latest one that hit me is a quote from Reyna Biddy that I stumbled upon at Instagram:

" Trust in your craft enough to admire it, study it, perfect it, breathe it.  Never stop getting better at whatever it is that you love to do."

Foremost, what do I love to do?
My younger years basically can attest my propensity for dressing up and it turned out that it was not merely just an inclination but a passion that I totally fell in love with.

Dressing-up or personal fashion styling has become a craft that I have mastered over the years. My fringe style and all that jazz metamorphosed into a vehement passion that I have nurtured and closely perfected.  There might be times that I marginally opt for the uncomplicated, the plain Jane they say. But what is true of us would spontaneously surface and resurface no matter how firm we suppress it.  

What I learned over time, is that we have to trust in our craft, just like Reyna Biddy publicly expressed. Do aim for the betterment of what we started and what we always are inclined to. Unceasingly challenge oneself and continue doing what we are passionate about and painstakingly loving what we love to do.

What is your craft? Have you given your 100% on your craft? Share your stories, ladies.

What I Wore:

black DRESS worn as top - Forever 21 / knit stripe skirt - unbranded / hot pink fringe vest - unbranded / fuchsia fringe peep-toe sandals - Kay in Hong Kong / sunglasses - Chatuchak Market in Bangkok/ cobalt blue stretch belt - Landmark in Makati / necklace - SM Accessories in SM Seaside City / lipstick - BYS 

Live in style, every day!

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