Friday, September 23, 2016

100% You

Quoting J.A. Byler today:

The best thing about being 100% yourself is that, while you may face rejection, you can NEVER be replaced". 

Individuality may no longer be a dilemma to people in the world nowadays is congested with amplitude of opportunities to express oneself and boldly explore sole distinctiveness.

Just being you, 100%, is the key to unlocking the endless possibilities that await us all in this jungle of circumstances - mixed with a heap of success and luck.

What I Wore:
cotton + mesh top - Palacio de Fashion / black and white sweater tied around the waist - G. Capital SRP / black and white jogger pants - G. Fiesta Mall / sling bag - gifted / peep toe silver pumps - G. Metro Ayala / sunglasses - Aldo

Live in style, every day!

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