Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fashionably Creative, I Am

" The truly creative person seeks to reveal and not to conceal.  They tell the truth about the truth." 
- Rod Judkins from the book, The Art of Creative Thinking.

Fashion is one form of the arts and so fashion is one outlet for creativity.  I am currently reviving what I used to be fond of doing - creative personal styling.  Many of my days for the past years were somewhat wasted, in the sense that I have suppressed my freedom of self-expression for personal style.  

Here I am now, catching up and exploring the umpteen possibilities I can exploit to reveal the creative person in me, through fashion.  I am breaking barriers, disclosing what is real, because I am confidently declaring that I am fashionably creative.

My fashion sense may seem atypical, unconventional, maybe unwearable for day-to-day, appears to be tainted with a flight of fancy, unpredictable - either in merrymaking mood or a stoic display of my favorite palette: black and white. But, that personal style extremely satisfies my cravings for creative self-expression.  

 I strongly desire to be an instrument for inspiration to other people, to help them bring out the truth of who they really are, fashion-wise and to motivate them to take off those shackles of hesitancy.

What I Wore:
Dress / sunglasses - G. Country Mall Dept. Store / 2 sets of silver earrings worn as 1 piece hoop-chain earrings - gifted by mom / cobalt blue stretch belt - Landmark in Makati / headband - Ald0 / Lipstick - Avon 

Live in style, every day!

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