Monday, October 17, 2016

Poem: Confessions of A Girl


With herself at twenty, she realize
That life is vast, too arduous to summarize
Unbeknownst, transition occured rapidly
She was urbane then, now she defies the world madly

Twenty years, she have had just enough or so
She wanted to cease but something is urging her to go
She is not faultless, yet she is trying to be good
Still not heard, often misunderstood
Miseries never fail to cross her way
How she desired happiness will forever stay

She have sought for acceptance, not rejection
She is living in accordance to people's expectations
She feels alone despite she is in a crowd
She have excelled, were they really proud?

She grew in the world with her own hands
She have struggled to discover where she really stands
She have landed on the ground and have reached the peak
She seemed strong although she is still honestly weak
She may appeal clumsy with unstable personality
Immature, irresponsible and unwitty
But she says, "If you take time and sit with me,
You will happen on that there is more that just what you see."

She have fears but she is confused where to seek shield
They gave her wounds but she is unaware on how it could be healed
Her life is cruel at times and have brought destruction
She is tired yet challenged with her life's imperfection
This her story, this is her strife
And these are just confessions of a girl's unhappy life.

Original: 4-20-2003

My Realization:

Juvenile years are indeed demanding and bewildering.  This poem I have written a decade and three years ago is a manifestation of the kind of life teenagers, possibly a greater fraction of the young population, are probably experiencing and struggling in their youthfulness.  But as of this writing, 13 years later, this poem reawakens a memory of my old younger self, of how inevitable life's challenges were and uncovers a reality of how my life has positively evolved 360 degrees from then on.

Fashion Experiment


sheer tierred dress worn as top + peach textured dress worn as skirt  - Sigh Styles closet / black stretch pants - unbranded / peach floral brooch - G. Capital SRP / floral sneakers - Guess at Ross -Woodstock, Georgia, U.S.A. / hair clip - SM Accessories / sunglasses - G. Country Mall / earrings - Siam Street Night Market / lipstick - MAC Toledo

Live in style, every day!

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