Friday, September 9, 2016

Poem: A Self-Delineation


Wanton lips, embed in an uncorrupted mien
Thin gams, spare arms, utterly lean
With hair blowzy, always on a pony
A simple, naive confirmation with an unwonted story

Timid and reticent at first sight
Flaming and aggressive deep down inside
Appeared contented and worry-free for the future
Still delving for truth, craving for adventure

Moves, often at leisure, too feminine
Fulfilling them with grace and success in serene
Though creative imaginations flow freely her thoughts
But her doubts and fears are perplexing her both

Endless dreams, constant inspiration
Invincible principles, self-declared limitations
All contouring the pathway she had stepped upon
Pursuing and enduring what she had begun

Bestowed with gifts that others may also have
Using them all for happiness and love
Cruising over one's unsure destiny
And discovering the veracity of life's mystery

Life, whiles cruel, full of imperfections
Still living to the fullest without hesitations

In the absence of beauty, her sweetness and simplicity reigns
Donning a smile above all gains and pains
Uncover what lies beneath her frailty:
A heart of gold, a simon-pure personality

---- end ---

Date of Composition: 6-12-2001  

My Realization:

This poem was composed a decade and 5 years ago. This self-definition have changed through the years.  It is quite ridiculous reminiscing back how our younger years were challenging, unstable and somewhat dramatic. But those circumstances we have encountered have magnanimously helped us mold the kind of person that we are now at present, a better version of our then feeble, juvenile selves.

Fashion Experiment:

Dress on Dress

dress 1 - black dress worn as top / dress  2 - silver sequined + red empire tube dress in bubble hem  worn as skirt

Live life to the fullest, and Live in style, everyday!

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