Monday, March 30, 2015

Work Style: Quirky Corporate

My day job demands me to wear uniforms: typical color-coordinated / monochromatic separates (top and pants).  Though in a work weekday, Wednesday is spared.  We can wear anything we plan, or even fancy to put on for that day.  This post would commence my series of work styles that "work".

I call this series of posts:

To those of you who may have not known yet my fashion statement, here it is:
A fashionable fusion of vintage and contemporary sophistication.  
It's actually just like - old meets new and they blend well elegantly.

So, when it comes to dressing-up for work, I still see to it that my fashion statement will be manifested in my chosen outfit for the day and ensures that the corporate elements are integrated.

Now, with this outfit, what type of occupation can you think of?  And how can you describe in 2 to 3 words with this work style?  I actually call this particular work style as: QUIRKY CORPORATE.

The day job that I landed is zero-related to fashion.  It is a job that demands more scientific thinking.  Period.  I tell you, it's a challenging work.  Basically, the geeks can be fashionable, and they have the right to dress to express themselves creatively.  I am not saying I am geek, nor any synonym close to it.  But since my job necessitates the exhaustion of brain cells, these results to at times slacken, unimaginative, stale, work style.  But when I welcomed 2015, the covenant for consistent fashionable expression is revived and I dare myself to adhere to it.  My sporadic fashion hiatus is now lifted.  The old self (mine) with the self-declared fashion advocacy (C.L.E.A.N. Fashion) is back, ready to amplify the creative fashion noise within me.

The outfit is QUIRKY because of the cutesy elements I decided to put together.  The print top with the cute puppy (see the embellishments on the outline of the print) is paired with a folly pink scallop-hemmed  pencil skirt.  The blacks leggings' ultimate purpose is to hide those gams, since the skirt is way to short for the workplace.  The lavender pink oversized blazer slightly toned down the vibrant aura of the ensemble, it somehow makes it quite look CORPORATE.   The wedge makes everything totally fun, but, before I left the house, I changed into a more comfortable footwear, my fuchsia satin pointed flats.

This QUIRKY CORPORATE style is just one of the many looks I dared to strut at my workplace.  Basically, my choices depends on a number of reasons, e.g. what tasks are laid out for that day?, do I have meetings to attend?  Of course, those considerations are to be taken seriously before deciding on the outfit you have to put on before leaving the house for work.

I dearly hope to have shared a piece of fashion idea for the workplace.  Do keep coming back for more of my work style.

What I Wore:
print mullet top - Cyecle
folly stretch pencil skirt with scallop hem - Cyecle
coral pink oversized blazer - Ladies Love
sunglasses - gifted by my sister from Las Vegas
necklace - Coach
folly pink fringe wedge - Kay from Hong Kong

Live in style, everyday!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Of Cozy Style and Playtime with Adorable Felines

Hi.  Sharing you my cozy outfit for a morning cuddle time with the adorable felines in the house.

I consider Maxi dresses as one of those comfy clothing mainly for the reason that I do not have to worry exposing my gams.  Though my legs are a-ok, but the length of such dress serves somehow as a protection for possible negative elements as insects bites.
I love cats, primarily because I find them cute, especially during there kitten days.  My very first pet cat was when I was in my kindergarten I year.  And after 3 decades, I got the chance to own and nurture a pet cat again, which I dearly treasure now.

Meet my most precious pet cat, TINKY WINKY! and her snake-eye stare.  She is now at her 16th cat year.

This cute pitiful kitty is just a visitor for a day and was temporarily adopted.  We sent her back home to her original owner later that afternoon since I decided that there's not enough room for two.  I may not be able to manage taking care two uber adorable felines.  

Wearing Maxi dress is also perfect to protect the legs from possible pet scratch since I intended to play with and cuddle the cats.  The dress' length is a plus since cats are so playful and when the wind blew my dress or when my movements swayed the dress, oh, Tinky Winky went ecstatic and unbelievably went overjoyed over the hems and pleats.

Do you nurture cats or kittens? 
And what do you wear during playtime with these domestic felines?

Share to me your fashionable diaries and adventures with your pussycats.

Get to know more of TINKY WINKY on my other blog, see here.

What I Wore:
pleated two-tone maxi dress- White Gold Department Store
cardigan - Korean store
sunglasses - Bangkok, Thailand
faux leather cuff with faux gold detail - Celine

Live in style, everyday!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Sunday Style: Retro-Mod Cocktail

I am a fan of anything vintage-y and retro chic. I have amour for mixed bag of embellishments and those miscellanea with a touch of mod glitz.

I scored this spandex retro skirt and wool cropped top with ample sequins on the front, separately, from my favorite weekend past-time: hauling in thrift stores.

I wore this outfit to hear mass one Sunday morning.
The head priest in our parish frequently reminds and challenges the parishioners to always dress appropriately when going to church to attend mass or any church-related events/activities.
For the females, if wearing a dress is not one of your preferences, going for midi length skirt is one the most appropriate garments to wear to church. And it must be paired with a sleeved top for a more modest appeal.  
The skirt that I wore is somewhat high-waist so I was able to tuck the cropped top on to the skirt and donned a stretch belt to complete the look of the day.

This outfit is a fusion of retro meets contemporary style.
The pair of pearl accessory earrings and gold strap belt, plus the hot pink sunnies (worn only for after the mass) completed the retro-mod look that is being pulled off in this getup.

  Black and fuchsia is the color theme for this ensemble, you see, color coordination is always a staple to my daily style. 

What I Wore:
top and skirt - thrift stores
kitten-heeled black pumps with fuchsia ribbon - Mario D' Boro
sunglasses - gifted by my sister which she bought from Las Vegas
gold strap stretch belt - The Landmark, Makati

Live in style, everyday!