Monday, March 30, 2015

Work Style: Quirky Corporate

My day job demands me to wear uniforms: typical color-coordinated / monochromatic separates (top and pants).  Though in a work weekday, Wednesday is spared.  We can wear anything we plan, or even fancy to put on for that day.  This post would commence my series of work styles that "work".

I call this series of posts:

To those of you who may have not known yet my fashion statement, here it is:
A fashionable fusion of vintage and contemporary sophistication.  
It's actually just like - old meets new and they blend well elegantly.

So, when it comes to dressing-up for work, I still see to it that my fashion statement will be manifested in my chosen outfit for the day and ensures that the corporate elements are integrated.

Now, with this outfit, what type of occupation can you think of?  And how can you describe in 2 to 3 words with this work style?  I actually call this particular work style as: QUIRKY CORPORATE.

The day job that I landed is zero-related to fashion.  It is a job that demands more scientific thinking.  Period.  I tell you, it's a challenging work.  Basically, the geeks can be fashionable, and they have the right to dress to express themselves creatively.  I am not saying I am geek, nor any synonym close to it.  But since my job necessitates the exhaustion of brain cells, these results to at times slacken, unimaginative, stale, work style.  But when I welcomed 2015, the covenant for consistent fashionable expression is revived and I dare myself to adhere to it.  My sporadic fashion hiatus is now lifted.  The old self (mine) with the self-declared fashion advocacy (C.L.E.A.N. Fashion) is back, ready to amplify the creative fashion noise within me.

The outfit is QUIRKY because of the cutesy elements I decided to put together.  The print top with the cute puppy (see the embellishments on the outline of the print) is paired with a folly pink scallop-hemmed  pencil skirt.  The blacks leggings' ultimate purpose is to hide those gams, since the skirt is way to short for the workplace.  The lavender pink oversized blazer slightly toned down the vibrant aura of the ensemble, it somehow makes it quite look CORPORATE.   The wedge makes everything totally fun, but, before I left the house, I changed into a more comfortable footwear, my fuchsia satin pointed flats.

This QUIRKY CORPORATE style is just one of the many looks I dared to strut at my workplace.  Basically, my choices depends on a number of reasons, e.g. what tasks are laid out for that day?, do I have meetings to attend?  Of course, those considerations are to be taken seriously before deciding on the outfit you have to put on before leaving the house for work.

I dearly hope to have shared a piece of fashion idea for the workplace.  Do keep coming back for more of my work style.

What I Wore:
print mullet top - Cyecle
folly stretch pencil skirt with scallop hem - Cyecle
coral pink oversized blazer - Ladies Love
sunglasses - gifted by my sister from Las Vegas
necklace - Coach
folly pink fringe wedge - Kay from Hong Kong

Live in style, everyday!

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