Monday, March 16, 2015

Of Cozy Style and Playtime with Adorable Felines

Hi.  Sharing you my cozy outfit for a morning cuddle time with the adorable felines in the house.

I consider Maxi dresses as one of those comfy clothing mainly for the reason that I do not have to worry exposing my gams.  Though my legs are a-ok, but the length of such dress serves somehow as a protection for possible negative elements as insects bites.
I love cats, primarily because I find them cute, especially during there kitten days.  My very first pet cat was when I was in my kindergarten I year.  And after 3 decades, I got the chance to own and nurture a pet cat again, which I dearly treasure now.

Meet my most precious pet cat, TINKY WINKY! and her snake-eye stare.  She is now at her 16th cat year.

This cute pitiful kitty is just a visitor for a day and was temporarily adopted.  We sent her back home to her original owner later that afternoon since I decided that there's not enough room for two.  I may not be able to manage taking care two uber adorable felines.  

Wearing Maxi dress is also perfect to protect the legs from possible pet scratch since I intended to play with and cuddle the cats.  The dress' length is a plus since cats are so playful and when the wind blew my dress or when my movements swayed the dress, oh, Tinky Winky went ecstatic and unbelievably went overjoyed over the hems and pleats.

Do you nurture cats or kittens? 
And what do you wear during playtime with these domestic felines?

Share to me your fashionable diaries and adventures with your pussycats.

Get to know more of TINKY WINKY on my other blog, see here.

What I Wore:
pleated two-tone maxi dress- White Gold Department Store
cardigan - Korean store
sunglasses - Bangkok, Thailand
faux leather cuff with faux gold detail - Celine

Live in style, everyday!

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