Monday, March 9, 2015

Sunday Style: Retro-Mod Cocktail

I am a fan of anything vintage-y and retro chic. I have amour for mixed bag of embellishments and those miscellanea with a touch of mod glitz.

I scored this spandex retro skirt and wool cropped top with ample sequins on the front, separately, from my favorite weekend past-time: hauling in thrift stores.

I wore this outfit to hear mass one Sunday morning.
The head priest in our parish frequently reminds and challenges the parishioners to always dress appropriately when going to church to attend mass or any church-related events/activities.
For the females, if wearing a dress is not one of your preferences, going for midi length skirt is one the most appropriate garments to wear to church. And it must be paired with a sleeved top for a more modest appeal.  
The skirt that I wore is somewhat high-waist so I was able to tuck the cropped top on to the skirt and donned a stretch belt to complete the look of the day.

This outfit is a fusion of retro meets contemporary style.
The pair of pearl accessory earrings and gold strap belt, plus the hot pink sunnies (worn only for after the mass) completed the retro-mod look that is being pulled off in this getup.

  Black and fuchsia is the color theme for this ensemble, you see, color coordination is always a staple to my daily style. 

What I Wore:
top and skirt - thrift stores
kitten-heeled black pumps with fuchsia ribbon - Mario D' Boro
sunglasses - gifted by my sister which she bought from Las Vegas
gold strap stretch belt - The Landmark, Makati

Live in style, everyday!

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