Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sigh Style Tips: Layering, Faux Black Boots, Multi-functional Accessory

Three fashion experimentations made up this outfit where I can also furnish it to you as SIGH STYLE TIPS.


I have always embraced the Korean number fashion style which is layering and I have already talked about it here. Who doesn't love to layer anyway?  

Three apparel are being layered in this outfit.  First, I don on my fitted racerback dress, in teal and pink wide vertical stripes.  Then put on my chiffon polka dot zip-front top. Zipped down the polka top to reveal what's underneath. Cinched it with a pink thin belt to match the pink color in the dress and leaves a bright pop on my mostly dim (midnight blue) ensemble.   The  top most layer is the knit cardigan which is generously ornamented with transparent beads.  I put on beaded bracelets on both wrists which give a matchy feel on the color of the outfit and the embellishments on the cardigan.


If you don't own a pair of black boots of any material and of any length, and you are really in the mood of wearing one, here's how to create the illusion of a pair of black boots, "fake" though.  

Simply grab a clean pair of black socks, ankle-length or calf length or even knee-high, depending on the height of boots you want to strut on.  Then slip on to your trusted black footwear, may it be ballet flats, sandals, platforms, or wedges.  Just make sure everything or most of the material is colored black to render a complete black boots appeal.


The necklace I am wearing is actually a belt.  Not all belts can be worn as necklace, only those which are made of lighter materials and those that can be easily twisted.  The belt can actually be also worn as a bracelet or anklet.  See how multi-functional it is, a 4-in-1 accessory.

beaded knit cardigan - Chic Vintage / polka dot top - sigh's closet / teal-pink fitted Lycra dress - MNG / cork garter wedge - 999 mall / pink belt - Y.R.Y.S. / wooden belt - Sigh Styles' accessories / bead bracelets - custom-made by my officemate's 12-year old daughter / sunglasses - G. Country Mall

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chic Vintage's Fashion Romance Collection

Latest collection of Chic Vintage: FASHION ROMANCE

The collection is all about red, black, black and white separates, embellishments and romancing fashion.

Shop HERE, show NOW!

Fashion Styling, Hair Style, Creative Direction and Photography by yours truly

More photos here.


Winter season will soon be over and here comes spring, and then summer!
When it comes to fashion, how will we shift our style from one season to another?  Aside from  obviously changing our coats and long sleeves and boots to outfits that gives more air and freshness, we can play on with COLORS.  Winter is defined with blacks and spring-summer thrives on happy and fun colors.

The Philippines has only two seasons. 
In this post, I'm wearing on colors that both represents the cold and hot seasons of the country as a simple guide for easy transition from one season to the other.

There are only FOUR colors in this outfit: black - for the cold season, orange and yellow - for spring/summer, and white is the intermediary color for both seasons.

You can never go wrong with black and white.

"Black and white is eternal. It is never boring, never fading, always amazing."- Sigh
This is my self-declared description of the color combo of black and white.

black cropped blazer with white chiffon scarf - Chic Vintage / black&white long top - bazaar find / eyelet balloon skirt - Chic Vintage / yellow rosette headpiece, wide  orange garterized belt, yellow belt - Sigh Styles accessories / bracelets - Chic Vintage / white platforms with orange sole - 999 Mall

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sigh Style Tips: How to Give Vibrancy to Dull Colored Separates

SIGH STYLE TIP for the day:
 How to give vibrancy to dull colored separates?

The answer is simple, wear another clothing that is rich in color and clearly saturated.  See my look below.

 The blazer and pinstripe pants are subtly gray, plus the sneakers in matte gold and the necklace in brown are solidly stale.

But by slipping in a top, that is both stylish and hued gives you that instant vibrant charm.

Hope to have given you a style tip that you can try on.

Worn this outfit during a photo shoot.

blazer - sigh's closet / pants - WAGW / sneakers - Juice @ SM / mullet top - Knits & Stripes / necklace - bazaar find / sunglasses - SM Accessories 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Winter Vacation: Day 3 - Hong Kong

Morning of our second day and whole day of our third day was spent in Hong Kong and enjoying major tourist attractions of the city center.  

First stop, Avenue of the Stars.

 At the Avenue of the Stars

A snapshot of Nathan Road

At the Avenue of Comic Stars in Kowloon Park, Hong Kong

Dior's window display at Harbour City.  Oh, I miss capturing fashion window displays.

We were treated with a sumptuous dinner by a good family friend at Mr. Steak, Level 13 of Langham Place in Mongkok

My outfits are courtesy of Chic Vintage.

More snapshots of our trip HERE.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sigh Style Tips: Wearing Pastels and the Natural Hues

As the year 2013 opened, I was also opened to the idea of sharing my personal style to other ladies who share the same passion, in fashion, like mine.  

This post will be the first among the series of posts wherein I will be sharing STYLE TIPS.  By fact, I know each one of us have our own different taste in fashion. Some may like it head-to-toe feminine, some may go boho, others may opt for the eclectic punk version.  Personally, I cannot describe my sense of style in words that authors have quoted.  But, I live by my own fashion advocacy which I have already been talking about in my previous posts and I have called this C.L.E.A.N. Fashion advocacy.

 My STYLE TIPS will basically revolve on my fashion advocacy.  Some may relate to my fashion sense and others may not.  As much as I want to be more fashion-forward this year and be more grateful that my closet is packed with fashion items that I can mix and match,  my deepest desire is really to be everybody's stylist.  But I know 'everybody' seem to be impossible, so I have thought that sharing my STYLE TIPS is the best means of reaching out and touch other people's lives through fashion.

I am to officially call my tips as SIGH STYLE TIPS.

SIGH STYLE TIPS for the day:

1.)  How to wear pastels and natural hues

You can never go wrong with wearing pastels and natural hues in one look as long as the colors will complement.  The color of the cardigan in pastel peach matches the pastel peach on the sheer floral dress.

 2.) How to layer a dress?

The dress is actually sleeveless and with slightly oversize peter pan collar.  To have a stylish chic look, the dress is layered with a cardigan and cinched it with a neck scarf which is worn as a belt.  Still make sure that the color of the belt will complement the whole look.

And of course, wear the right footwear to complete the look you want to pull off.  

floral dress - Natasha / cardigan with sheer back - sigh's closet / neck scarf - sigh's closet / wedge - Matthews / sunglasses - E-mall

Winter Vacation: Day 2 - Hong Kong Disneyland

One of my dreams have finally came to life.  Disneyland, here I come!

My outfits courtesy of Chic Vintage.

Hope you have enjoyed my snapshots of Disneyland.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Emerald for 2013

2013 is the year for change and new learning.

For a start, I had my long hair for 3 years cut at David's.  I felt sad but it was a decision that I have to make.

Second, I have to learn new skills: dressmaking / sewing and driving!

Third, I have to work harder on my online shops.  

Fourth, I have to change my attitude and outlooks towards my day job.

Fifth, I have to be more fashion-forward, to be more expressive with dressing up.

Sixth, I have to appreciate the color green, as this color brings luck according to Chinese Feng Shui and green, EMERALD GREEN in exact, is the pantone color of 2013.  Hence, this outfit post pays tribute to the color of the year.

Color coordination never bore me.  I cannot satisfy my eyes without seeing myself in the mirror in a well color-coordinated outfit.  

The magenta knit top, which I wore as a dress here, matches the color of the midsection of the satin top.  This outfit is also about layering a halter v-neck top over a dressy sleeved top.

The colors of the necklace are also seen on the clothes.  And of course, the color of the shoes, it perfectly complements the color of the clothes and the necklace.  

And the sunglasses? The lens are polaroid which harmonizes with the colors of the necklace.

magenta knit top - sigh's closet / tri-color satin top - Chic Vintage / green peep-toe fringe hybrid boots-wedge - 999 Mall / shell necklace - Abreeza Mall bazaar / polaroid sunglasses - E-Mall

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter Vacation: Day 1 - Macau

I have my very first winter vacation in Hong Kong and Macau together with the family.  It was the vacation that I have always wanted.  It was winter there, though zero snow, but so I have to don my winter outfits, and that made the trip more exciting.

Day 1 - MACAU
We were lucky enough to board the 12 noon trip via the Turbojet at the China Ferry Terminal in Hong Kong.  We arrived in Macau an hour after.  Prior  to our trip, my sister and I did some research on how to get to the major tourist attractions of Macau. Travel bloggers recommended to take free shuttle bus ride of Grand Lisboa Casino-Hotel since we planned to set foot first on The Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral.  The shuttle buses are parked outside the ferry terminal.  We took the most comfortable seats of the bus and took advantage of sightseeing the grandeur of the casinos in Macau.

This gigantic metal structure greets the tourists when entering the city center of Macau.  Failed to do research on this though.

At the lobby of the Grand Lisboa Casino

 Santa Claus on his sleigh welcomes everyone at the Senado Square.

At the Senado Square

One of the places that Macau tourists must visit is The Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral. And we did have conquered (?) and captured (camera-lights-action!) the historical attraction.

What I Wore:
My winter outfit in Macau

teal sleeveless warmer top, black knit beaded on the neck and waistline longsleeve dress , black jacket - Chic Vintage / black boots - Linea Italia / gold belt - sigh's closet / teal beanie, teal earmuffs (gifted), magenta gloves - Terranova / red sling camera bag - Halo / black leggings - G. Metro / black oversized sling bag - Gavin

On to my outfit: If you remember, one of the aspects of my fashion advocacy is Color Coherence.  During this trip to Macau my outfit revolved on black and teal.  The gold color from the belt, the red color from the sling bag and the magenta color from the gloves have somehow broken the monotony.  I always find pleasure in a well-color-coordinated outfit.

Have you visited Macau?