Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sigh Style Tips: How to Give Vibrancy to Dull Colored Separates

SIGH STYLE TIP for the day:
 How to give vibrancy to dull colored separates?

The answer is simple, wear another clothing that is rich in color and clearly saturated.  See my look below.

 The blazer and pinstripe pants are subtly gray, plus the sneakers in matte gold and the necklace in brown are solidly stale.

But by slipping in a top, that is both stylish and hued gives you that instant vibrant charm.

Hope to have given you a style tip that you can try on.

Worn this outfit during a photo shoot.

blazer - sigh's closet / pants - WAGW / sneakers - Juice @ SM / mullet top - Knits & Stripes / necklace - bazaar find / sunglasses - SM Accessories 

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