Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sigh Style Tips: Layering, Faux Black Boots, Multi-functional Accessory

Three fashion experimentations made up this outfit where I can also furnish it to you as SIGH STYLE TIPS.


I have always embraced the Korean number fashion style which is layering and I have already talked about it here. Who doesn't love to layer anyway?  

Three apparel are being layered in this outfit.  First, I don on my fitted racerback dress, in teal and pink wide vertical stripes.  Then put on my chiffon polka dot zip-front top. Zipped down the polka top to reveal what's underneath. Cinched it with a pink thin belt to match the pink color in the dress and leaves a bright pop on my mostly dim (midnight blue) ensemble.   The  top most layer is the knit cardigan which is generously ornamented with transparent beads.  I put on beaded bracelets on both wrists which give a matchy feel on the color of the outfit and the embellishments on the cardigan.


If you don't own a pair of black boots of any material and of any length, and you are really in the mood of wearing one, here's how to create the illusion of a pair of black boots, "fake" though.  

Simply grab a clean pair of black socks, ankle-length or calf length or even knee-high, depending on the height of boots you want to strut on.  Then slip on to your trusted black footwear, may it be ballet flats, sandals, platforms, or wedges.  Just make sure everything or most of the material is colored black to render a complete black boots appeal.


The necklace I am wearing is actually a belt.  Not all belts can be worn as necklace, only those which are made of lighter materials and those that can be easily twisted.  The belt can actually be also worn as a bracelet or anklet.  See how multi-functional it is, a 4-in-1 accessory.

beaded knit cardigan - Chic Vintage / polka dot top - sigh's closet / teal-pink fitted Lycra dress - MNG / cork garter wedge - 999 mall / pink belt - Y.R.Y.S. / wooden belt - Sigh Styles' accessories / bead bracelets - custom-made by my officemate's 12-year old daughter / sunglasses - G. Country Mall

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