Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Emerald for 2013

2013 is the year for change and new learning.

For a start, I had my long hair for 3 years cut at David's.  I felt sad but it was a decision that I have to make.

Second, I have to learn new skills: dressmaking / sewing and driving!

Third, I have to work harder on my online shops.  

Fourth, I have to change my attitude and outlooks towards my day job.

Fifth, I have to be more fashion-forward, to be more expressive with dressing up.

Sixth, I have to appreciate the color green, as this color brings luck according to Chinese Feng Shui and green, EMERALD GREEN in exact, is the pantone color of 2013.  Hence, this outfit post pays tribute to the color of the year.

Color coordination never bore me.  I cannot satisfy my eyes without seeing myself in the mirror in a well color-coordinated outfit.  

The magenta knit top, which I wore as a dress here, matches the color of the midsection of the satin top.  This outfit is also about layering a halter v-neck top over a dressy sleeved top.

The colors of the necklace are also seen on the clothes.  And of course, the color of the shoes, it perfectly complements the color of the clothes and the necklace.  

And the sunglasses? The lens are polaroid which harmonizes with the colors of the necklace.

magenta knit top - sigh's closet / tri-color satin top - Chic Vintage / green peep-toe fringe hybrid boots-wedge - 999 Mall / shell necklace - Abreeza Mall bazaar / polaroid sunglasses - E-Mall

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