Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Minidress In Bubblegum Mint Concoction

Have you worn minidress?  Do you own one?

A MINIDRESS (as defined by wikipedia) is  a short dress with a high hemline equivalent to that found on a mini skirt.

The minidress I am wearing in this post reminded me of my salad days, when I was like in my kindergarten uniform.  This type of dress appears as simple-looking as a sleeved chemise and as comfortable as oversized cotton shirts, and yes, the minidress does render a perfected blend of simplicity and comfort.

The color combination of the dress imparts that youthful vibe. The  pink and light green combination equates bubblegum + mint = a delectable fashion palette.  The kawaii details of the dress makes it lovely.  See the mint accents on the peter-pan collar and scalloped hemline and the extra pink flaps on the shoulders and chest.

To be able to set a fashion advocacy and to live with it, is quite an accomplishment for me.
My C.L.E.A.N. Fashion advocacy is always manifested with what I put on even, without too much planning.  In this particular outfit, there is always that automatic mind-set, to color-coordinate, head-to-toe.  Some may dislike this idea, too matchy, they say.  But because I own my fashion decisions, I care less and tend to contradict, at a certain degree.

To live by example is to live nonchalant constantly and consistently the fashion advocacy that has been self-declared. To actualize what is written on a daily basis is I think the most basic thing I can do to put my words into practice, to set as inspiration, and to be the primary epitome of my own fashion advocacy.

To complete the color-coherent look, I wore it with my floral sneakers with hints of carnation and mint, plus the green sling bag and pink sunglasses.

What I Wore:
bubblegum mint minidress dress - Ju's
sling bag - Coach
sunglasses - gifted by my sister from Las Vegas
sneakers - Tendertoes

Live in style, everyday!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Trend Alert: Polka Dots for Spring 2015

Polka Dots

Polka dots are one of the biggest trends for Spring 2015,  See Here and Here, and for sure there are a lot more of websites talking about this one trend for the season.

I have always been a lover for anything polka dots, most especially in the black and white combo.  My previous posts could certainly attest this statement. And when I got the chance to score this polka dot pants, without doubt and second thoughts, I purchased it right away and have been constantly wearing this chic yet comfortable fashion piece whenever possible.

This year, seems to be a revival of my old good habits of dressing up.  I let my old self come back to the present and bring out my passion for fashion. I have always known myself, and other people have even noticed it, that I do dress-up and almost always in a color-coordinated mode.  This propensity did give birth to a greater fraction of my self-declared fashion advocacy.  I have been talking about my fashion advocacy which is C.L.E.A.N. Fashion where C is for color coherence or color-coordination.

In these two sets of ensemble, I have consistently injected the shade and tint of pink to be monotony-breaker.  Shade of coral and tint of fuchsia are my choices as pink is also a favorite and a go-to hue of mine.

Let's Do The Polka

These two sets of polka dots outfit were actually worn during Wednesdays.  I wore these seemingly-matchy separates to work and was obviously complemented for looking matchy.  Of course, my style is never new to them, but somehow they are quite still amaze or astounded at times as they remain clueless of what I will be wearing next.  See SIGH STYLE Tips below to grasp an idea on how to pull-off an all-polka dots look to work.


The Question
How To Wear All-Polka Dots Outfit

The Answers

(1) Top and Bottom separates in black and white polka dots is effortlessly and modishly worn when paired with a solid color of your favorite shade and tint.  

(2) Polka Dots separates can still even be pulled-off without a monotony-breaker piece of clothing, who says you can't wear polka dots head to toe?  Your accessories, which includes the bag and the shoe could either be color coherent to the polka dots combo or any color of your choice.  

(3) Wear it with the right amount of confidence.  Oftentimes, it's the attitude that counts the most.

What I Wore:
fuchsia pink cardigan - Alturas Department Store @ Tagbilaran City, Bohol
sheer long-sleeve polka dots top - Manga Dua Square @ Jakarta, Indonesia
polka dots pants - Cyecle
fuchsia pink flats- MNG
sunglasses - gifted by my sister from Las Vegas, Nevada
 coral pink blazer - Ladies Love
polka dots peplum top - Cyecle
polka dots pants - Cyecle
fuchsia pink flats- MNG
belt - The Landmark @ Makati City

Hope to have shared another piece of useful fashion thoughts for tonight.
Have a good night ladies!

Live in style, everyday!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

I Love To Style

I am honestly in love with clothes.

And I've just discovered that I love to dress up and style for other people more than for myself.  The satisfaction is overwhelming.  And this new love  has come into realization this year.

Sharing you here some of the people (models / friends) that I've styled for.

I am most challenged when I am given a concept where I can work on with my creativity.  Fashion is indeed art.

All pics are taken by me and styling is of course by yours truly.

Thanks also to my hair and make-up artist Dani Alcedera.

You can actually see more of my styling adventures and a showcase of my styling prowess (all smiles) HERE.

If you're interested for a fashion or any themed photo shoot you can check out HERE, or leave me a comment or email me at  /

Enjoy Coca-Cola!

"Enjoy Coca Cola!"
and Open Happiness

To start with, this is not a sponsored post, nor I am promoting Coca-Cola.  It just so happened that I have purchased this sort-of advertising top and also was able to purchase for the first time these new flavors of the most popular brand of soda drink: Coca-Cola in cherry flavored and caffeine-free variants.

 In this scorching hot weather, Coca-Cola soda drink sure quenches the thirst for anything liquid.  And me, I am definitely enjoying my Coca-Cola!

If you asked where I bought my canned Coca-Cola? at SHOPWISE grocery located at N. Bacalso Avenue, Basak, Mambaling, Cebu City.

What I Wore:
black top with butterfly mesh sleeve - Cyecle
stretch pedal pushers - gifted by my sister
white flats - G.Grand Mall Lapu-Lapu City
sunglasses - G. Fiesta Mall

Live in style, everyday!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Cafe Chronicles: Cafe Tiala

I've researched another Cafe within Cebu City and ended up this cutesy, girlish Korean-inspired cafe located at a building that is adjacent to the Grand Convention Center in Archbishop Reyes Avenue.

Second Stop:
C A F E    T I A L A

Cafe Tiala has a different theme from the first cafe that we stepped foot on (remember Coffee Prince? HERE) since they have ladies dress in maid uniforms to welcome and render their services to the customers.
Complementary sandwich and hot tea.

Cute menu set that comes in a box.

Of course, we ordered Korean spicy noodles and rice which was presented in a heart shape, another cutesy presentation.

Fish cakes, so rich in flavor, that's why we ordered rice.

I promised myself (almost like a vow, lol) that every time I visit a cafe for the first time, I have to order my favorite caffeinated Java or chocolate chip frappe.  Good that Cafe Tiala has their rendition of Java chip frappe.  It's presentation perfectly matches for a princess, a frappe coffee in a goblet.

The mini cabin-like divisions of the cafe, which they call Princess Room.  Looks like extra large doll houses for princesses.

A facial expression for blank thoughts. Anyway, I knew, because it was scheduled, that we are to visit Cafe Tiala, so I wore a pink ensemble to match the cafe's theme color. (pink for princesses).

If you have been following this blog, I am an advocate of Color Coordination, as I highly emphasized on my self-declared fashion advocacy: C.L.E.A.N. fashion where C stands for Color Coherence or coordination.  In this outfit, I went almost head-to-toe monochoromatic, in a pink-shade ( babypink) & tint (fuchsia pink)- color coordination.  

CAFE TIALA is located at The Forum Building, 2nd floor Unit 2-D along Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City.  Make sure to drop by there one day.

What I Wore:
denim jeggings - Jag
fuchsia pink "cat"  mullet top - Kirin-Kirin @ Ayala Alabang Town Center
baby pink custom-made blazer - my tailor
 fuchsia pink satin flats - MNG 
sunglasses - G. Fiesta Mall
necklace - G. Metro

Live in style, everyday!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Music, Lyrics and Style: Latch / Fit and Flare

It has been awhile since I posted lyrics of the songs from my current playlist.  Here's what I have been humming for some few weeks.  The version that I am drawn most is a cover for Disclosure feat. Sam Smith, which is by Natalie Taylor and the title of the song is LATCH.

I have the chance to first hear this version of LATCH from the last episode of Beauty and the Beast Season 2.  And from then on, I get hooked of the song while waiting for the next season of the series.

You lift my heart up when the rest of me is down
You, you enchant me even when you're not around
If there are boundaries, I will try to knock them down
I'm latching on, babe, now I know what I have found

I feel we're close enough
I wanna lock in your love
I think we're close enough
Could I lock in your love, baby?

Now I've got you in my space
I won't let go of you
Got you shackled in my embrace 
I'm latching on to you

I'm so encaptured, got me wrapped up in your touch
Feel so enamored, hold me tight within your clutch
How do you do it, you got me losing every breath
What did you give me to make my heart bleed out my chest?

This post is not complete without Sigh Styles Tip for the Day:

The Question:
How to Wear Fit and Flare?

The Answer:
A fitted peplum top paired with a palazzo pants completes the look - fitted on the top and flared on the bottom.  

What I Wore:
peplum jersey top - White Gold Department Store
palazzo knife-pleat pants - Cyecle
stretch belt - The Landmark in Makati
black patent leather flats - G. Fiesta Mall
sunglasses - G. Country Mall
earrings - 138 Mall

Live in style, everyday!