Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Minidress In Bubblegum Mint Concoction

Have you worn minidress?  Do you own one?

A MINIDRESS (as defined by wikipedia) is  a short dress with a high hemline equivalent to that found on a mini skirt.

The minidress I am wearing in this post reminded me of my salad days, when I was like in my kindergarten uniform.  This type of dress appears as simple-looking as a sleeved chemise and as comfortable as oversized cotton shirts, and yes, the minidress does render a perfected blend of simplicity and comfort.

The color combination of the dress imparts that youthful vibe. The  pink and light green combination equates bubblegum + mint = a delectable fashion palette.  The kawaii details of the dress makes it lovely.  See the mint accents on the peter-pan collar and scalloped hemline and the extra pink flaps on the shoulders and chest.

To be able to set a fashion advocacy and to live with it, is quite an accomplishment for me.
My C.L.E.A.N. Fashion advocacy is always manifested with what I put on even, without too much planning.  In this particular outfit, there is always that automatic mind-set, to color-coordinate, head-to-toe.  Some may dislike this idea, too matchy, they say.  But because I own my fashion decisions, I care less and tend to contradict, at a certain degree.

To live by example is to live nonchalant constantly and consistently the fashion advocacy that has been self-declared. To actualize what is written on a daily basis is I think the most basic thing I can do to put my words into practice, to set as inspiration, and to be the primary epitome of my own fashion advocacy.

To complete the color-coherent look, I wore it with my floral sneakers with hints of carnation and mint, plus the green sling bag and pink sunglasses.

What I Wore:
bubblegum mint minidress dress - Ju's
sling bag - Coach
sunglasses - gifted by my sister from Las Vegas
sneakers - Tendertoes

Live in style, everyday!

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