Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ode to Fashionistas: Marvelously Ms. M.

 Dedicating this post to the fashionista who inspired me to start my own blog.  
I know her for quite sometime and I... have "witnessed" her fashion evolution.  

She can wear almost anything under the sun. 

And she survives wearing killer heels even on the most busiest days at work, all for the love of fashion.

And great f.y.i., Dred has a really great (super nice) personality. 

I'm a person who is so much in love with my comfort zones, dwelling on the "un-techie" side of the world and  one of those beings who doesn't have a Facebook account and don't even plan to open one.  With Dred's persistence on telling me to have my own blog,  and after days and several more days of pondering, I decided to start a blog and the rest is history.  

Thanks Dred for opening me up to this whole new blogging thing.  

She is definitely an embodiment of "vintage-retro-sultry-feminine" stylista.
I'm  always a fan, never a detractor - this fact is unknown to her until she reads this post :-)

To see more of her style, visit Dred here.

All pics taken by me during our NorthWestern Luzon trip.  
I am fond of taking candid moments.

Have a happy weekend.

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