Sunday, May 24, 2015

I Love To Style

I am honestly in love with clothes.

And I've just discovered that I love to dress up and style for other people more than for myself.  The satisfaction is overwhelming.  And this new love  has come into realization this year.

Sharing you here some of the people (models / friends) that I've styled for.

I am most challenged when I am given a concept where I can work on with my creativity.  Fashion is indeed art.

All pics are taken by me and styling is of course by yours truly.

Thanks also to my hair and make-up artist Dani Alcedera.

You can actually see more of my styling adventures and a showcase of my styling prowess (all smiles) HERE.

If you're interested for a fashion or any themed photo shoot you can check out HERE, or leave me a comment or email me at  /

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