Saturday, June 27, 2015

How To Wear A Sweater Dress

A dress comes in many types and forms, and among of which is the SWEATER DRESS. 

After having caught a glimpse and felt the sheen of the fabric of the dress, I knew this dress would go home with me,  and it did.  I was even more tickled pink upon seeing the intricate embroidery of a TIGER in the dress.  You know, I always, and forever will, have itch to anything intricately and beautifully (in my opinion) fabricated.

This dress is so versatile as it offers a diverse style; from sporty-glam chic  to casually romantic.

The sweater dress is in itself an interesting piece since it offers a multitude of  personal style:

SPORTY-GLAM CHIC - it being inspired by Sweaters, see the edges of the hems, and that hood = so sporty yet exudes feminity as its color is metallic (like bronze) rust which is reminiscent of anything luxurious and the tiger embroidery that is craftily sewn into the fabric makes this fashion piece exquisitely sartorial.

CASUALLY ROMANTIC - the dress looks casual as the cut and the length is seamlessly uncomplicated but the satin fabric richly offers that lustrous sensation that is oh so hard to resist.

I wore this dress one sunny day for a family outing.  It gives both comfort and style.  Never miss a chance to look well-dressed even on simple occasions such as a family outing.  

This  dress can really be worn on a number of occasions, regular days or holidays and even day to night.  Just wear it with the right accessories and your good to go to any event you would be heading to.  In this occasion, I paired the dress with my thongs for a comfortable stroll and the embellishments' color of my choice of footwear was closely color-coherent with the rust color of the dress. I brought along a wide-brim straw hat to protect my head and face from the sun's uber scorching heat.

Hope to have shared another piece of fashion advice.  Do keep coming back for more of my styling ideas.

What I Wore:
hooded sweater dress - A.D. Moon
 cami lycra tank top - Sigh's closet
embellished thongs - 138 Mall
sunglasses - SM Kids Department Store
black straw hat - My Hats For Rent (email me at

Live in style, everyday!

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