Thursday, July 2, 2015

i Write - Where Fate and Faith Brings Me

I have decided now to make this blog to be an outlet for some of my literary works that were originally written several years ago.  During my younger years, I have engaged myself profoundly to literary composition from poems to essays.  My literary works were results of either emotional struggles or by-products of my hyperactive thinking then.  

Where Fate and Fate Brings Me

There is so much out there that awaits us, that destiny is a part of life’s mystic aspect.  I do know that not everyone will agree with me to such kind of thinking.  But the world was created round, keeping so much mystery from all of us.   

We cannot see what is on the other side of it so we have to come out from our shells and strongly face the providence that was laid for us and traverse any boundaries that will possibly obstruct such path.  That is why I believe somehow in fate.  Life can be changed in a split second with the kind of destiny that is maybe meant for us.   

 We may think that the type of life we are living now is “this is it!”. But you know what; we cannot dictate the directions to where our lives are heading to. We may be the bearer of our lives but we do not own it.  We should be grateful enough to be blessed with such wonderful gift – a life which allows us to breathe, to laugh, to mourn, to live and to love.

If you have fathom your own lives, you may have realized that there are events that we planned so hard yet came out to have a different conclusion and instances that we cannot really take control of.  And this is where destiny comes in and maybe it was God who formulated it. 

Destiny may be a part of the mysterious ways life conveys.  And, wherever fate and faith will bring me, I will care less.  But I will be more patient with my eyes wide open, and with a tough conviction that destiny interferes by surprise and twists the normalcy of our lives to something amazing or into a mischance.

 -- end--
Date of Composition: January 19, 2005

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