Thursday, June 25, 2015

I Heart Pullover - Rock Eagle

Rainy days are here again and it's high time to take out those pullovers from the closet and bring it on.  Even though, it was at the peak of summer, I was already drawn weeks ago to pullovers especially those adorned ones. I have purchased several pieces then. I have always an "addiction" to anything that glitters, to those fashion pieces that are generously embellished and creatively ornamented. So even with pullovers, I skipped the plain Janes and embraced the beautifully crafted versions.  And since it is time to take out the umbrellas once again, it is also the perfect time to showcase my new collection of seemingly festive pullovers.

Here's the first among my series of outfit posts wearing my chosen pullovers for the rainy season.  This first post, among the series  that I am collectively calling it as I HEART PULLOVER, is about ROCK EAGLE.

 As you can see the main print design of this pullover is the EAGLE.  Take a closer look and you'll see diamonds (faux) forming the word: R.O.C.K., hence Rock Eagle.

I love to experiment, elegantly with my outfit as part of my daily fashion advocacy.  With this look, I am putting on a glam-rock-chic style.  

GLAM - The choice of colors, black and cobalt plus touch of black and silver sequined details on the shoes and faux diamonds on the pullover adds a glamorous appeal to the outfit.  
ROCK - The pullover with the eagle print design and the metallic lens sunglasses gives an edgy rock sense of style. 
CHIC - The peplum stripe sheer fabric that hangs on the hemline of the pullover and that tote bag makes the whole ensemble tastefully chic.

Do not be afraid to mix different styles in one look.  Dare to experiment, but make sure to do it elegantly to look polished and not shabby.  And also remember that a well-color coordinated outfit definitely will leave an impression of an elegantly-smart personal style.

What I Wore:
rock eagle pullover - Palacio de Fashion
racerback tank top with stripe sheer peplum (worn underneath the pullover) - Forming - Made in Korea
cobalt blue stretch skinny pants - Melvin @ E-Mall
sequined flats - Syrup @ People Are People
bag - Louis Vuitton (gifted by my aunt)
sunglasses - G. Fiesta Mall Department Store

Live in style, everyday!

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