Saturday, October 17, 2015

1 Heart Dress, 2 Ways

My love for black and white is a public knowledge, as I have the propensity to almost always put on this color combination.  Upon having a sight of a heart print dress with the heart colored in white and laid out in a black contrast, I was certainly sure it will come home with me, and it did.  The immediate photo below that I grabbed from the internet is similar to my choice as to the print but differs on the hemline.

Whenever I purchase an apparel, I always ensure to maximize its intended function.  With my love for clothing and styling, I have fabricated a vault of fashionable imaginations on how to dress-up a dress, as in this new addition to my wardrobe.  See below as to how I styled my black and white heart dress.

Well you may have noticed that I have never posted a photo wearing no-sleeves outfit, simply because it is not my preference.  So when I purchased this dress, I disregarded the fact that it is a sleeveless dress, there a many ways how to address that concern.  I am also giving ideas on how to amplify the value of sleeveless dress, aside from wearing it as it is.

How To Dress-up with a B/W Heart Dress
How to Maximize a Sleeveless Dress

Styling No. 1
I wore the dress as it is, but covered it up with a black sheer kimono-style bolero and cinched it with a belt.  Matched the color combination of the dress with a black and white flats.

Styling No. 2
The other option of wearing the heart dress and not worrying that it is a sleeveless dress, is to wear a sleeve top underneath of the dress, and instantly you have a jumper dress!

Hope to have shared practical fashion ideas to maximize the use of a sleeveless dress.

What I Wore:
heart dress - G. Fiesta Mall / white top with heart appliques on the sleeves - Palacio de Fashion / white stretch belt - Landmark in Makati / wedge - Chinese Laundry / sunglasses - G. Fiesta Mall

What I Wore:
heart dress - G. Fiesta Mall / black sheer bolero - Palacio de Fashion / silver stretch belt - G. Country Mall / black and white flats - Belongse / sunglasses - G. Country Mall / bag - Louise Vuitton / pearl drop earrings - gifted by my mom

Live in style, everyday!

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