Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sigh Style Tips: Season Transition

Though my country, the Philippines, cannot experience the four seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall; but when it comes to store offerings for clothing relating to change of seasons, we cannot steer clear from it since most the items sold at the mall originates from countries with these four seasons.

Sigh Style Tips:

When summer is over, the next season is fall or autumn.  Since in the Philippines, the fall season is translated into a climate that is a mix of  a sunny day and unexpected with scattered rain showers and thunders storms any time of the day.  What better way to succumb to this weather conditions is to don outfits that is halfway past summer and fall-ready at the same time.

The knit dress, paired with your trusted leggings, worn as a long blouse in this styling, is perfect for a rainy day, seemingly cold, weather.  But when Mr. Sun comes out, you can roll the sleeves and fold into a quarter-sleeve.  Accessorize with your chic yet functional cap and put on that sunglasses too and you're good to go.  And remember, you can also tag your umbrella with you in case it will rain cats and dogs again.

What I Wore:
gray knit dress with sequined butterfly - Cyecle /black leggings, sunglasses, sequined cap - G. Fiesta Mall / white pumps - Payless / silver earrings - gifted by my mom

Live in style, everyday!

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